As a young girl growing up in Zambia cooking becomes part of your life, I enjoyed cooking with my mum or my aunties so much that my mum bought me my own little kitchen and not the pretend kind. In my kitchen I would wip up the simplest of meals but they would still be edible. I am not sure when but between my high school and university I just lost the nag for cooking, don’t get me wrong I still cook now and again but not with as much enthusiasm as when I was little.


Now that I live on my own and playing adulthood, I have had to reignite my cooking passion and though it is not like before I still enjoy putting different recipes together and trying some of my mum’s recipes. When I was contacted to see if I wanted to take part in a cooking competition the good people at Bolsover have going on called #MeddySteadyCook to cook ANY Mediterranean meal and be in with a chance to win a 2 night cruise for two courtesy of P&O Ferries I jumped at the opportunity. The only conditions were we pick the items from the list provided and each person can only enter the competition once.

Armed with this information and eager to win (or lose) this competition I sat down to decide what Mediterranean type of meal I could make and for some reason I kept coming back to cooking something with Fish. So one day last week on my way home from work I picked up some haddock fillets and a few vegetables and decided to wipe up my own version of a Mediterranean meal. I do not like olives so I couldn’t do an olive salad with fish on the side, I didn’t want to do much to my fish as I wanted it to retain all its delicious flavor so I decided to fry it for 5 minutes at the same time roast some veggies that I had bought and those in the friend and made me a healthy fish and roast veggie dinner.

Competition Rules & Prize for #MeddySteadyCook

The prize is a two night mini-cruise for two courtesy of P&O Ferries, and all that you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this trip is to show off your culinary skills and to create a Mediterranean themed recipe using 3 or more of the following ingredients:

· Chicken· Lamb· Fish· Chorizo· Peppers• Garlic•Mozzarella/feta cheese· Olives· Lemons· Olive oil· Pasta· Tomatoes· Onions


I also thought I throw together a snack containing catfish fish, avocado (since I don’t like olive), tomatoes, mango and cucumbers


Catfish Salad

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, regardless all opinions are my own.