{Travel} Weekend Getaway to Brussels #2016

My weekend getaway to Brussels was another spontaneous idea in a long line of spontaneous decisions I have been making so far in 2016. Last year June (2015) I made a decision to visit Brussels and though I had ample time to visit a lot of attractions I didn’t because (1) I was totally nervous and scared and (2) I was new to this #solo traveler gig but since then I have managed to cramp in over 7 weekend getaways in Europe.

Grand Place

Grand Place, Belgium


After traveling for 10+hours on the bus from London to Amsterdam, we managed to explore Amsterdam all day without much rest unless you count sleeping on the bus in awkward positions. After that we caught another bus from Amsterdam to Brussels, good news was the bus was just under 4 hours. We managed to snooze on the bus until we arrived in Brussels around 10pm, it took us 15 minutes to walk to our hotel and once checked in, we showered and crashed until 10am the following morning.

Next morning we woke up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day, Brussels was slightly chilly but then again spring is just about creeping in and winter is resisting. From our hotel the closet attraction was the Comic Strip museum but we were more interested in finding food so we headed towards the Grand place. The architecture around the Grand Place square is just amazing, though it was Sunday late morning/early afternoon it still had people ready to explore. We managed to snap up a few pictures before continuing on our quest for some food more specifically the Belgium waffle.

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis

Whilst in search of the Waffle factory or any other place we could buy Belgium waffles we stumbled upon this little guy in the entrance of a shop the famous Manneken Pis, I do not exactly know the history behind this little guy but I always associate this image with Belgium more specifically Brussels.

Belgium waffle

Belgium waffle

Finally we found this amazing little stall that was baking up some fresh out of this world Belgium waffles, I can not seem to stop salivating. We all decided we wanted some waffles with toppings (3 euros) and I chose strawberries, cream and dark chocolate sauce and though I am not a big fan of dark chocolate this dark Belgium chocolate did just the trick. After enjoying our waffles we managed to find the waffle factory (must visit place) where we had some awesome waffles pannini style (I had mine with spicy chicken curry inside).

Like I said above it was a cold day but it is one we loved because we got to walk around Brussels and admire the city’s architectural work which I think is a combination historical and modern culture. Brussels truly is the capital of Europe. Like last year when I went to Brussels, my friends and I decided to use city sightseeing bus to tour the city but because we had a flight to catch we decided not to hop off the bus and just ride it along for the 70 minutes before jumping on the train to the Airport.


Brussels, Belgium