{Fashion Monday} Chill with Maud

Two weekends ago I headed to Oslo, Norway with a couple of friends for a girls weekend getaway and had a chance to chill with Maud, well Queen Maud of Norway or Princes Maud of Wales to you and me.

Regular readers of my blog know that 2016 is my year of travel and I am traveling at least one weekend a month abroad. So far I have been to: Prague, Czech Republic; Brno, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; Brussels, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Warsaw, Poland and recent trip Oslo, Norway. To say the first quarter of 2016 has been a busy one is an understatement. My travels above do not include the weekends I have been to see Boo, my parents, meet up with friends and visiting my brother & he’s family up North.

In all this time, I have to say I have mastered the art of dressing for comfort but also looking stylish at the same time. I am no fashionista but I do believe fashion fits all when we put in the effort. Because I am constantly on the move, skinny jeans and comfortable tops have become my best friend(s) and you will notice in 90% of my Fashion posts I am always sharing outfit ideas with skinny jeans especially ripped jeans. When deciding what to wear whilst visiting Oslo, I knew jeans, canvas, leather jacket and simple top would do the trick. Like I always say on this blog, I love dressing for comfort and jeans for me are comfortable. I did carry a heavy coat because when leaving the UK it was raining and blooming cold so I assumed Norway would be the same if not worse so imagine my surprise when the following morning we were greeted with some lovely weather and I had a chance to chill with Maud in Oslo outside the Palace.

From the little history I read up, Queen Maud (AKA Princess Maud of Wales) married her first cousin Prince Carl (AKA Haakon VII) of Norway (yes take a minute to process that – first cousin). She moved to Norway with her Husband and visited England once a year and only had one child Crown Prince Olav. She was born in November (26th) 1869 and died back in UK in November (20th) 1938.

That’s all the history I have 🙂


Fashion ~ Chill with Maud


Back to Fashion, walking around the Palace (outside obviously) I noticed the statue of Queen Maud and I decided to go chill with Maud as the weather had just gotten warmer and though I do not usually take pictures of myself preferring to take pictures of my surround I asked my friend to take a couple of me chill with Maud. As mentioned above I donned my favourite pair of skinny ripped jeans from New Look, stripped tops also from New Look then paired the look with my leather jacket and some canvas. I finished the look with my favourite pair of sun glasses and a small H&M crossover bag.


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What is your go to outfit for when you’re out and about, exploring or out with friends for lunch?

Share your thoughts on my outfit below!! 🙂