{Fashion Monday} Keep your woolies

This gone weekend I had went on a weekend getaway to Oslo Norway with some girl friends and though Spring is here I suggest you keep your woolies. When I shared how to get your closet ready for spring and summer, I should have mentioned to keep your woolies because it doesn’t look like winter is letting go any time soon around these parts. I love nothing more than being warm when the weather is less than favourable but this time of year we should be basking in some nice sunshine every now and again and not just stuck with the winter woolies.

Keep your woolies


British weather is known for its unpredictability and not even in a good way. One minute you could be enjoying some nice weather, you even foolish enough to think it will last and then when you least expect it, it starts to rain. Gale winds coming from nowhere and then its back to winter, one could be forgiven for thinking the UK never experiences true summer because it rains all blooming time.

Last week Friday when I was getting ready to leave the house for the airport, it was such a lovely day and I planned my outfit on what the weather was looking like. By the time I was done, it had started to rain and I had to change my entire outfit altogether.

So how does one learn to dress for all the elements when traveling (or at home) without packing the entire house with them. Well I am here to help you with that.

  1. Think and dress for winter – I always make sure to have a coat or jacket with me that is warm enough to give me warmth when the weather turns and light enough to fit into my tote bag or one that I could easily carry.
  2. Think and plan for your common weather – If you wear a light jumper or cashmere jumpers (see here), you get best of both worlds because it is light enough for warmer weather and warm enough for when you put your jacket or coat on top. I ensure I have a suitable top or jumper that can work both in warm or cold weather conditions and is not too bulky for my liking.
  3. Think and wear jeans – They never go out of fashion, you’re not limited to one type and you can dress them how you fancy: Smart or casual (see how I dress ripped jeans). Jeans are the best items for all-weather conditions, you can keep your woolies with them and you can accessories them to your heart’s content.
  4. Think comfort – I am a true advocate of dressing for comfort, people think you can not look good when you dress in your comfiest clothes but I can assure you can. If your leggings are your comfy clothing then add a long top, some canvas, a straw hat and some shades and dear you’re done. Obviously PJ’s don’t count as those are just for your home but I think you can still work all your comfy clothes.

There you have it, I am sure you have other ideas too which I would love to hear about in the comments section. Like I have said many a time on this blog, I dress for comfort and for me it’s top priority seconded by style when I can help it.

*Collaborative Post*

  • Great tips and some beautiful clothes. That backpack is lush. It’s been so cold here recently that I’m still in my autumn/winter stuff unfortunately.

    • I have dipping into my winter woolies a lot more the last couple of days

  • I love that coat! It is super stylish and so chic. H x

  • Love the whole outfit, really love the coat!!

  • That jacket is perfection. And so true, layering in wonky weather is the perfect way to go for sure!

  • So love the bag and the perfume! 🙂 So nice to combine the reds and gray,

  • Love these picks. That jacket is fierce and I’m all about sneakers!

  • Soo true! I keep trying to pack up my winter clothes in France to take back to England but I’m finding I can’t because it’s still too cold!

    • Tell me about it, it’s still more winter than it is spring around Europe

  • tauyanm

    dubai somehow has a unpredictable weather too, supposed to be super hot and now nad summery feel but it feels cold still at night and morning. Love that bagpack!!

    • Oh wow even Dubai too I thought it was mostly warm throughout the year

  • I would love that sweater wrap coat. Perfect for layering or a night out.

    • Isn’t it just, thanks Doran

  • Oh that back pack is absolutely LUSH!! I would love to get myself one of those for going on trips xxx

    • Thanks Laura, I depend on mine way too much

  • I love light jumpers, I must get some more jumpers this spring, in light colours, such as cream and peach! 🙂

    • I love light jumpers too and rely on them loads

  • I hate being caught short by a sudden change in the weather! It happens way more than I would like it to, I always see sun and think I will be hot so don’t bother with a jumper then suffer for it later! I really should have learnt by now giving that I have lived here my whole life lol

    • Hahahaha it happens to all of us I think the idea is to always have backups in your bag

  • Great points – I am one of those who always wears the wrong thing for the weather! Hope you had a great trip. Kaz x

    • I used to be that too lol but wised up and yes I did thanks

  • I love that coat! I hope you had a great weekend away, I’d love to visit Norway xx

    • I did thanks and you should it’s beautiful

  • We’ve had nice warm days that then go super cold too! Very cute!

    • Awww bless atleast you have some warm weather than here were it’s mostly cold

  • Love these style ideas – hope you had a great trip

  • I hope you had a good trip. These sound like great ideas for keeping warm. I bet it got a little on the chilly side at points

    • I had a wonderful trip thanks and it did at some point

  • I’m a jeans kind of girl like you said, because they never go out of style. They are my go to item when I’m going some place. Dress them up or dress them down.

    • Jeans are the must have items in every closet

  • Great ideas… that coat is so gorgeous x

  • Absolutely love the black coat, too bad it’s getting really hot in Southern California. I love the whole outfit

    • Thanks and good for you, weather here can do better

  • brianna george

    It’s funny, I live in the South in the USA, but am from the north where it gets really cold and people still wear woolies in what the north thinks is warm weather. haha I suppose cold weather is realitive to where you live. 🙂

    • That is true it truly is relative to where you live

  • This is so needed! The weather isn’t quite there yet so the woolies are essential. x

  • Ave

    I have to fly to Madrid this week and the weather there is totally different there, so I’m struggling with what to pack. Your tips help me a lot! I’m a big fan of woolies by the way!

    • I am glad to hear I could help and have fun in Madrid

  • These rules definitely apply to us in America at the moment. Last week was snowing, and today it is almost 90 degrees. I agree that jeans are always in style, so you can’t go wrong there.

    • Oh wow, some parts are still having snow in sprig oh boy. Keep all your woolies lol

  • Recently I have learnt that you can look great while still being comfortable! I love the outfit you’ve put together here!

    • Thanks, I am all for comfort and yes you can still looking good playing comfort as #1

  • Lucky you to take a quick jaunt over to Norway! ☺ Love all your suggestions, I am always cold, so I am all about comfort and warm clothes!

    • Hahaha it was nice checking out Norway

  • Rosey

    I’ve been about when it was chilly. Warm clothing was definitely in order. 🙂

    • Warm clothing always welcome when it’s cold

  • Matz Diaz

    I really like the designs. Totally fascinating.

  • Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love these outfits! That jacket is gorgeous

  • For me since I live in Florida my clothing is the same all year long. The weather may be chilly i the morning but by noon it’s warm again.

    • How lovely for you, so jealous of that weather

  • Great post. Spring in Atlanta for a while was still very winter-esque! Now it is going to summer, but this is a great tip for the some of the colder cities,

  • Great tips. I’m generally always cold so for me it’s still very much jeans, boots and jumper weather lol.

    • Hahaha I know the feeling

  • Elizabeth O.

    That’s tough. When you’re traveling to place with unpredictable weather, I think it’s best to bring clothes that will make you feel comfy regardless of the weather, then just add pieces, like a coat in case it’s too cold or it’s raining or sandals for the sunny days. Something like that. Anyway, good tips!

    • So true Elizabeth and thanks

  • I wish the weather would make up its mind – I love that black mac

    • I wish the same too and thanks

  • I live in Utah and spring can mean snow one day and then super sunshine the next. We never really put our winter wardrobes away. I love the outfit you have put together here.

    • Oh wow, I didn’t even know that

  • I just put my winter clothes away. Not that I have that many of them being in the southern part of the US.

    • You’re lucky to have good weather most of the year

  • I am not a fan of any weather that requires woolies at all…LOL. If I do need woolies these are some great ideas.

    • Hahahaha I am the same but living in the UK I have little choice

  • I have few of those woolies, they always keep me company when the cold is bothering me =)

    • It’s nice to have woolies handy especially with our kind of weather

  • You can sure say that again about the unpredictability of the weather in the UK. We were just in London and it seems like we had no idea how to dress each day. Those are some practical ideas and I always almost wear jeans, comfortable jeans.

    • That’s the UK for you, never know what’s best clothes to wear on any given day as the weather can change up many times in one day

  • I do love a good cosy woolly outfit, the Coat you picked out is my favourite piece.

  • These tips are so useful! The British weather is so odd so I’m either in crop tops or woolies haha! Lovely post! X

    • Hahahaha our British weather is definitely weird

  • This is a great post for me as I’m going to Paris next week and their weather is very similar to ours. Some great tips which I’ll take on board. Love that backpack in the pic x

    • Oooh have fun in Paris and thanks

  • I’m beginning to think we will not be able to ditch the cashmere jumper at all this year! So difficult to know what to wear – Love your selection of ideas x

    • Thanks Helen, it looks like we will have trouble this year with the weather

  • I’m still in my woolies, it’s still a bit cold for me. Great post.

  • I’m loving those jeans. I always keep my woolys ready, we very rarely get a summer were we won’t need a cover up x

    • I know right, even in the middle of summer you need your umbrella and coats

  • I am totally for wearing my woolies, it is still too cold for me to consider not having a cardigan at least x

  • My jeans are definitely my go to for everything clothing! Without a doubt I will wear them all through summer and winter, you can’t go wrong!

    • You can never go wrong with them

  • I absolutely love that waterfall wrap around coat! Where is it from? I can’t wait for the summer sun and heat to truly kick in, I’m tired of sticking to my woolies. My poor Spring/Summer wardrobe is just screaming out waiting to be worn, or I’ve been trying to combine the two where I can xx

    • This our UK weather is like playing with a yoyo but I am looking forward to summer

  • Nicol

    With this current weather I’m still living in woolies! Especially a beanie

    • I want to move away from woolies but spring ain’t sprung yet lol

  • Even living in the UK it makes it hard to predict the weather so it is good to keep the woolies even in the heart of summer. I love that black waterfall wrapover belted trench.

  • I’m loving these ideas. It’s finally starting to warm up again over here but I have a feeling the temperature will jump around a lot.

    • You’re lucky it’s pretty much hit and miss here lol

  • You cannot go wrong with jeans for that in between weather. I’m a big fan of dressing in layers also. A cute tank top with a light cardigan is a great way to make sure you are not too warm or too cold.

    • Absolutely I love me some light cardigans with a cute top

  • Jessica McDonnell

    Great picks – I love those ripped jeans. With the weather being so cold over here recently I’m definitely tempted to keep my woolies close until it gets warmer.

    • Thanks, I am keeping my woolies a little longer lol

  • Thanks for the tips! I never know what to pack for these types of climates, so this is perfect!

    • You’re welcome I struggle sometimes too

  • Lovely ideas here. I am so inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am loving these ideas, that coat just looks absolutely perfect. x

  • So true! Jeans never go out of fashion! I have always a pair with me

  • I am in love with those choices! Would be perfect for around my area. The weather is so unpredictable.

    • Weather is definitely unpredictable here too

  • I have heard it said that the only difference between a British Winter and a British Summer is in Summer the rain is warmer! I totally agree jeans are a great idea to stick with.

    • Hahahaha that saying is on point

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I definitely need some more clothes to prepare for this spring and summer. Those jeans look like something I need in my life.

    • I need more too was even thinking of picking up some more jeans

  • I love how jeans can be dressed up. Comfort is always good with me.

  • I hate that we’re having to prepare for cold weather still. Although I love layering wearing five layers isn’t fun x

    • I agree layers ain’t always fun

  • Weird weather, 80º here in Seattle today…usually gray and 55º

    • Oh wow, wish it could get that warm here

  • I agree. Jeans are a must. They go with everything and can be dressed up or down. They are awesome.

  • Fantastic tips! I am always cold so have to carry a jumper or arm covering all the time! Even In the height of summer x

    • I know what you mean, I am the same

  • I love this look! I just took a trip to Hawaii and realized just how important layers are. I don’t have anything wool in my closet, but I think I might try and find more wool for my wardrobe.

    • Thanks Rachel, I hope you had a nice time in Hawaii

  • Haha yes the changeable weather does make things tricky doesn’t it. I always swear by layers, so you can take things off one by one as the sun comes out!

    • As someone not keen on layers I mostly avoid them until I can’t

  • I agree that a nice pair of jeans can go a long way. When in doubt, I pack jeans! It’s comfortable and looks great with any top! Thanks for the tips.

    • You’re most welcome and thanks

  • Great picks! I actually liked weather in the UK more than I like Estonian weather because same time last year I was able to already wear shorts and skirts in the UK while in Estonia people were still wearing their winter clothes 😀 But yes I have to agree with you that the weather does change often in the UK and so you can’t really put away your warmer clothes after the first warm and sunny day 🙂

    • I think Estonia weather is similar to Lithuania weather but yes the UK weather changes all the time

  • We’re starting summer, probably today! It will be 90 or so, and not go back down until October (this is Phoenix, the desert southwest). Today is probably my last day for jeans, and then I’ll toss ’em and get new pairs next winter! Happy Spring to those who are starting the change of season!

    • I am so jealous of your weather I need that heat here

  • I wish the weather was cooler here in Florida, but it feels like summer is almost here in full! I do love those sneakers though and they would be perfect for some summer dresses and shorts!

    • And I envy your weather lol, thanks

  • I’m a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I keep a favorite sweat shirt available for those cool days in the spring.Our weather has been a bit off this year, cool one day and hot the next. We have to keep a few pieces of both wardrobes available until the summer really arrives.

    • I couldn’t agree more and you’re so right

  • Great tips here, I love that coat!!

  • My mummy dresses for comfort, she just wishes she could afford some cashmere jumpers as they are so luxurious! Great tips!

    • Thanks, I know what you mean I would like some cashmere too

  • I am still wearing my jumpers, I have one on today as the weather is so unpredictable at the moment, I also love to dress for comfort. My look today is jeggings, long jumper and canvas pumps 🙂

    • I love canvas pumps am wearing them today too. And yes weather is unpredictable

  • Kita

    The weather is still on the cooler side here which while surprising, makes me happy because summer is just too hot. I love these transitional pieces you suggested. I had on my woolies this weekend!

    • I prefer summer to this cool weather we are having but I do love my woolies now and again.

  • Great tips! I just said this morning that with the weather here you never know what to wear! One minute its freezing and the next I’m sweating in boots and a coat! Have taken your tips on board!

    • I am glad to hear that and yes I agree it’s difficult to know what to best wear with this weather of ours

  • Great tips I’ve been wearing my jumper a lot recently as its been cold.

    • Thanks Joanna, I might need to pull mine soon

  • I tend to go the comfort route every single time. I want to look great, but comfort is important too. It’s normally warm and sunny here by mid April, but lately we’ve had some cool weather. I’m ready for spring and summer.

    • I dress for comfort too but trying to put more of an effort now with some style. The weather is the same here too

  • I wear jeans all throughout the summer, as I am not really a shorts kind of person.

    • I love me some shorts but you can never go wrong with jeans

  • I always think comfort over everything else. It was a different story of course before T, I used to make extra effort 😉

    • Hahaha it’s always like that for most but I agree comfort above all else

  • I love woolly clothes! IT has been rather chilly lately (and I hear some parts of UK had snow! In mid April!) Also, I usually go for comfort over style if I’m honest, I can not stand being uncomfortable. Great post and tips! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah, I am all for comfort over style but I do like to have some style now and again. Can’t believe we still experiencing snow in some parts in the UK

  • Love winter woollies, I do love wrapping up and being cosy! Some fab ideas here