Spring Cleaning: Bathroom edition 

When I was young growing up in Zambia my mum and aunties used to tell me that people determine the cleanliness of your home based on the state of your bathroom (mostly the toilet) and though I will not claim to have the cleanest and prettiest bathroom I do like to keep it clean and tidy. Currently it’s easy to clean my bathroom since I live in an apartment which is not the biggest but sizable enough for yours truly.

Spring Cleaning

It is hypothesized that in our entire lifetime we spend just over 2 years worth of our time in the bathroom  as a place where we can relax and let go on the worldly troubles. Since we spend that much time in our bathrooms it makes sense to ensure it is clean, welcoming and a place where we can relax in. Today I thought I share with you some of my spring cleaning ideas for the bathroom.

Change your bath towels and floor mats 

My bathroom flooring is tiles which we all know can get quite cold during the winter months so I always ensure to have the thickest bath mats outside my shower cubicle to step on after a lovely shower. I also make sure during winter I have my heaviest bath towels to wrap up warm with after showering because for some reason between my cubicle and the towel rail it feels like a mile long and I always freeze so I like wrapping up warm. During spring and summer is important for me to change-up my floor mats because I want to feel the cool and cold floor when it gets super warm so I have the thinnest mats. I always change my bath towels too to lighter ones as I don’t want to start sweating right after showering.

Change your body cream and lotion 

This is not necessary for most but I try to use body cream and lotions that will keep my skin moisturized and heavier during the winter months. During winter my skin dries up pretty quickly so I use products that present that and during spring and winter I want products which are light, moisturizing, hydrating and not too oily.

Scrub that tub or shower cubicle 

I have a shower cubicle which I would love to claim I scrub every day after I shower but that’s not the case. I scrub maybe once or twice a month, don’t get me wrong I rinse it daily but I never sit down on my knees and give it a good scrub everyday I do that once it twice a month or if I am having visitors (😬🙈). To get your bathroom ready for spring, give it a good scrub, a good rinse and you’re good to go.

These are some of the ways I am getting my bathroom read for spring.

What are some of yours?