{Travel} #Take12Trips Travel Challenge ~ Month Five

It’s that time again when I share with you the #take12trips travel challenge, currently month five and if you want to know more about this challenge click HERE. I am so blessed to be in a position where I can travel as often or as little as I deem fit, I have friends telling me that of us all I am the “grown” up not because I travel lots but because I seem to have my “sh*t” together and I am glad people see that though I do at times feel I am lacking in some respects but I chose to be happy with that too and continue living my life.


I recently read a post which totally pissed me off (not a good way to start this post but any who!!) but I realise this person wanted some page views badly that he decided to go on an insult all travelers regardless of the type and I will not even bother linking to this post as I would rather they get views for the right reasons not to go on a rant and insult travelers but it also made me realise what an ignorant world we live in. The writer wrote “when you travel you don’t learn anything or create anything you just see” now if this isn’t ignorance or lack of understanding about what traveling is all about then I don’t know what is. I felt that writer lived in a bubble because when you travel you’re opening your mind to what is on the other side of the world, the endless possibilities, learning about new cultures and many more. Whoever told this person you just travel to ‘see‘ should be held accountable for this type of ignorance anyway done with the rant.

The #take12trips travel challenge has been such a blast for the last 4 months and very excited to add in more travels for the rest of the year. Month five of this challenge saw me head to Oslo in Norway for a couple of days and sees me heading to Seoul at the end of this month. This is the first month in the year I am doing a weekend getaway plus a longer trip in the same month, obviously my trip to Seoul will be included in the month six post but for month five I am only including the Norwegian visit.

Month Five (5)

Our planing to visit Norway was like the last few ones I have been away with the girls. We booked the Norway visit whilst we were still enjoying Brussels & Amsterdam at the end of February. Both girls and I had separate travel plans for March so April looked like a good time for us three to travel and explore Oslo. Like with most of the travels, I do the booking of tickets flights or otherwise and reserving the hotels or B&B via booking.com. I booked our flights with Ryanair (£15 return each) at an affordable and enviable price then reserved a hotel for £205 (applicable local tax included) which was our biggest expenditure for the entire trip but totally worth it.

I had been forewarned by my works colleagues that Norway is an expensive country and I didn’t realise just how expensive until we were actually there. Ok to be honest I started to get the sense of how expensive it was when I started to search for private taxis to pick/drop us to/from the airport. Just to give you an idea, most places in the UK they would charge £30-50 tax to airport if you live about 30-45 minutes away from airport. About the same distance in Norway, taxis were looking to charge us between €350-€400 to go and come back to the airport. This is a lot of money to spend on a taxis even for me, I know I talked about how as a solo traveler it’s important to consider “airport transfers” but honestly since we were three of us we opted for the public transport and paid under £10 each to get to Fredrikstad where our hotel was located. Whilst at the airport waiting on our bus, we got hungry and went to order some food. We paid £9 each for a hot dog, this is without any fillings just the bun and sausage, can you imagine that in the UK? Let’s just say after that we were cautious about our eating habits and thanked heavens I had booked a hotel with all you can eat breakfast included and at night you got to make your own waffles.
When visiting expensive countries like the Scandinavian, it is important to know your budget and check with the hotels/hostels what is already included or have already at the hotel so you know what you need to carry and plan accordingly. In a future post I will share some tips on how to save whilst on holiday and still have fun.

I will also be sharing a post of places to visit in Norway soon but for how that’s all for month five. Have you ever been to any part of Norway? If so, what did you think of the pricing and the country in general?