{Travel} #Take12Trips Travel Challenge ~ Month Four

So we are two months down and 10 more to go, for the travel challenge we are three months down with month four underway and 8 more to go. The #take12trips travel challenge was started by another blogger (read my first post in this challenge) to encourage and challenge us all to ensure at least one weekend a month is used for some sort of travel either alone or with our families.

To recap the last three months I have managed to visit Ljubljana, Slovenia and Vilnius & Kaunas, Lithuania in December 2015, Prague, Czech Republic in January 2016 then Brno, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia in February 2016 and to close February I visited Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium.

My recent visit was to Warsaw, Poland at the beginning of March 2016 where I visited a friend for a long weekend. I must confess that the travel challenge though is the meant to make you travel at least one weekend a month it kind of awoke the traveler, the globetrotter, the nomad in me. I know I am asked many times how I manage to travel so often and I will be sharing a post on that soon but I am a budget traveler so I am always searching for the most affordable ways for me to travel.

Month Four

The last four months of the travel challenge has been absolutely a blast, I am so happy that a fellow blogger recommended that I try out this challenge. When I shared my 2016 goals, I had mentioned how much I wanted to travel this year so much that I started it in December, I figured why wait to do something tomorrow that you can do today and that attitude is what has helped me to break out of my shell and see what the world has to offer. I am also learned that I am the traveler that appreciated the ‘architecture and the history’ than one who goes to experience the day to day life or the night life. I am quite happy to have learned what type of traveler I am, what I love, what I can compromise of and the feeling of pending adventure.

Seeing Warsaw for the first time this month really opened my eyes to what is out there in Eastern Europe, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are not the first countries that jump at you when you start thinking of European destinations. I have seen first hand how much their is to appreciate, how much there is to see and experience and how much rich of history these countries have. They are truly unspoiled and I love that.

That’s all for month four, for my next adventure is in April (month five), I am heading to the beautiful and expensive city of Oslo, Norway. I might throw in another weekend getaway somewhere before then but keeping this one to the chest until it’s confirmed or not.