Father’s Day gift ideas 

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you were to ask my siblings or my mum who my best friend is they would all tell you “her father is her best friend“. I don’t know how it happened because though I was a daddy’s girl as a child, when I went to high school and PMS started I was all about mum. When I went college then university, I found myself back begging (silently) for his approval and validation of my actions. I got accepted into university in 2007 for intake of 2008 (didn’t go until intake of 2009) and dad was the first person I told (after the boyfriend of-course), I passed my assignments and first year – dad was who I told first. I finished university with honours, dad is who I told first, I got my first grad job (dad took me to interview and waited) I told him first. You can see the trend here, I just seem to love telling him first before anyone else sometimes before the dude and my mother. We have a bond, I still respect him like any African raised child would but I still love that I can talk to him any time so this coming Father’s Day gift ideas post is for him.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Every year, for any occasion (or lack thereof), I gift my dad the same things: Perfume or aftershave kits, wallets, a tie etc but this year I wanted to give him something much more.

⛳️🏌Experience gifts – it’s now becoming more popular to gift people an experience day and for my dad this would be a golfing day experience. When I was young and he used to work for Barclays back home in Zambia, they always had golf days and he would take us with him. I have great memories from these trips and I know he does too. This makes a perfect gift not only will he love it but he can reminisce on some good memories he created did he’s kids.

Perfume gift set – this is more common type of gifts for dad’s but I know my dad loves them. I buy them every Christmas for him giving him a wide range of perfumes unfortunately he is turning into a holder like my mother. The one I got 2 Christmases ago is still there being used sloooowly. I know he loves old spice perfume so this time I could grab him one that he uses the most.

Watch – they say a watch defineth a man and how true that is. Ladies trust me that fake Rolex or MK on he’s wrist equals fake Peruvian for my coloured sisters (you know what I am saying). Hahaha, I am kidding but back to this option for a Father’s Day gift. I would like to buy my daddy a watch that will last him and is of good quality.

Everyone knows no Father’s Day or men’s gift ideas post is complete without some sort of gadget and for my dad I am debating between:!

📖Kindle – he loves to read and he’s slowly moving to loving electronic books so it makes sense to get him one and load it with he’s old-time classic books he loved reading when I was young.


💻New laptop – He’s laptop is 10 years old and it’s the slowest thing ever. I think he needs an upgrade on this more than the kindle but on the laptop he only plays card and chase games so maybe I should be thinking more a games console than anything else. But knowing dad, he’s too much like my brother so he would camp out in the living room until he fell asleep and he might forget mum so probably not. 😂😂😂

There you have it, these are the gift ideas I am thinking to give my daddy this Father’s Day. What do you think of the Father’s Day ideas I have shared? What’s on your list?