{Travel} Paris Itinerary 

I can not believe I am typing up my Paris itinerary because Paris has been one of those places I have always wanted to visit but never have. I think the biggest reason I have not gone is because I was waiting to go with someone I love. Paris being the city of love, I just wanted to go with my love and if there was ever a place to get engaged it’s there (in my mind). But then I realised waiting on someone before I can do something I have always wanted to do is not how I roll and with some people you can be waiting a life time before they make a move. So I took the bull by the horn and bought myself a return ticket to Paris and currently searching for a nice hotel.

As I want to make use of every single moment I will be in Paris, I have decided to go on Friday afternoon via Eurostar. If you don’t know already, Eurostar has a lovely deal currently going on (at time of writing this post), buy return ticket to Paris from London for £58 (£29 each way) normally the prices are from £69 single and being a bargain hunter it was a welcome deal. I think dependent on how it goes, I might book another trip to Paris alone.

Since this will be my first time, I have decided to plan my time there and make sure I use it wisely and effectively. All my weekend getaways I am always sightseeing and take the time to appreciate the little things that I stumble upon on my travels. Paris will be different, it will be busy and jam-packed because I won’t just be sightseeing I will also be heading to Disney for a day so I am sure you can imagine my excitement.

Paris Itinerary

As I have mentioned above, I have never been to Paris before and not sure how the logistics will work but I can not wait to explore by myself and see what I can  get up to. So here is the plan without the logistics.

Day 0 – Friday: Explore the neighborhood

Get familiar with how to get to and from the station, every time I travel alone I always book private cars to take me to and from the airport but since this will be Eurostar (train) I am hoping to get another training to my hotel then walk (if walkable) the rest of the way. I have found a hotel which is ten minutes from the station but will see if I book it or not.

Day 1  – Saturday: Sightseeing

I hope to spend Saturday sightseeing around Paris, my plan is to visit the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Alexander Bridge, Petit Palais, Lourve museum, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame and Pompidou center. If all goes well and weather permits I hope to visit all of these places.

Day 2 – Sunday: Disney Paris

I have never been to Disney before and as someone whose grown up wanting and praying to visit Disney one day I am more than excited to be visiting. I will be buying a one day ticket to visit two parks and I can not wait, I will still dress up as mickey .

Have you ever been to Paris? What’s your favourite place to visit? What about Disney?