{Travel} Weekend getaway to Oslo, Norway

Our weekend getaway to Norway was one to remember and usually it’s about the many ‘touristy‘ places we visited but this time it is more about how expensive it is the visit Norway and thinking of going back to do things a little differently and enjoy it more now that we have more confidence.

We had booked our flight via Ryanair a month before, actually we booked them whilst we were enjoying a girls weekend getaway to Amsterdam and Brussels. I am one of those people who spends the day exploring the city and taking it all in, then at night I spend time either blogging or searching for my next destination. Readers of this blog know I am taking part in the #take12trips travel challenge which challenges everyone to travel at least one weekend a month and it doesn’t have to be abroad but I have made a conscience decision to make every trip abroad. The flight was £14.95 return each to flight to Moss Lufthaven (Airport), my UK folks think how London Luton Airport is to London itself and that’s how Moss Airport is to Oslo city.

We had a few hiccups before leaving, my friend cancelled on us two weeks before departure so I cancelled a lovely hotel, booked another hotel then she changed her mind she was now coming then repeat until she finally decided to come and I reserved a hotel in Fredrikstad, Rygge instead of Oslo city centre. There are buses running to match every flight arriving, so Oslo city it’s every 30 minutes and takes 1hr to arrive their and for other villages like Fredrikstad it’s hourly bus which takes just under and hour. We arrived and passed through customs 5 minutes after the Fredrikstad bus had left so we had to wait an hour at the airport. This is where we ended up buying a hot dog (just sausage and bun no toppings) for £9 each, it was delicious but I won’t be running to buy them again at that price. Our excuse for spending that much, we were hungry.

Norway in general has a lot to offer, most people only think about Oslo which granted is an amazing city but I think you get a better feel of the country in general if you stay outside the city and then transit into the city.