{Fashion Monday} How to dress your Wellies

Anyone who lives in the UK knows the importance of owning a pair of wellies or a good pair of boots that will last you a while whilst withstanding the harshest of the British weather. I have owned ‘knock-off’ type of wellies before and I was met with sweaty and sticky boots which is not a good look since it practically rains on a daily basis in this country. Though the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes a huge inconvenience, we the Brits have now mastered the art of dressing for four seasons in one, obviously in the respective seasons we wear the appropriate attires but we have also learned how to be prepared and ready for ‘mostly‘ the rainy season.

How to dress your wellies


When I was asked if I wanted to review a pair of Wellington boots from Butterfly Twist, I couldn’t believe my luck. As I shared my in Festivals outfit ideas post, my sister and I are planning to attend at least one festival this year and for me these wellies could not have come at a better time. I have spent a great deal of time thinking about how to dress your wellies. Those who know me know I prefer to dress for summer and Wellington boots ain’t exactly summer attire unless you’re attending a festival or its raining (which it does 90% of the time here). But this has not deterred me from attempting to create my own version of how to dress your wellies.

I have always associated wellies with (1) rainy season and (2) festivals, since it already all the time here that’s nothing special compared to festivals. When I picture attending a festival and what I would wear the first thing that comes to mind is shorts. I have read many a magazine that has suggested at festivals, bohemian styles are the way to go when it comes to festival but what if you’re like me and maxi skirts or dresses are not exactly what you want to be donning? Fret not I have created two looks which are effortless but chic and stylish without the fear of constant sweating through your attire.

So we have already decided that ankle Wellington boots are what you will be donning, next step is to choose what type of shorts you want to wear. For me personally I always chose between casual belted shorts or high-waisted shots and because my mid section is not flat adds but extra padding high-waisted is what I go for 90% of the time. You will have noticed also that I have not chosen denim shorts but gone with material shorts, this is a personal choice but you can replace the shorts with whatever denim shorts you like.

As it’s a festival more skin is shown off than most times (except for the beach) especially if the weather is good so I have opted for cropped tank tops, these can be either fitted or lose and y’all know I prefer loose-fitting for tank tops so as not to draw too much attention to my mind section. A festival attire wouldn’t be complete without some sort of fringe in your outfit so I opted for some fringe in the kimono and backpack then add a straw hat with some simple jewelry pieces.

And there you have it, my two outfit ideas on how to dress your wellies in summer or at a festival. How would you dress your ankle Wellington boots?