Road Trip tips

Summer is here and most of us have already planned our holidays. Some of us will be flying to our destinations because of distance or convenience and others might be taking other modes of transportation which includes road trips. Last summer MOH and I drove (I say drove he did I slept kept company) to Lithuania from UK for almost 30hrs. It was the most tiring but fun experience I had last summer and though I won’t be jumping in the car just yet to re-do the road trip, I thought for those who are considering road trips with the family or with friends here are some road trip tips to keep in mine before you set off.

Planning when it comes to travel is everything, I am one of those people who likes to plan to the very last detail of my long trips but somehow always ends of forgetting one thing or the other. And if I don’t forget something I find some items I have taken are dormant the entire time I am away which is not great if you are limited to what you can carry (flights) but with road trips you can pack as little or as much as you want. I shared my top 5 tips for road trips last ear and this year I thought I share more road trip tips which I might have missed last time or to just rehash the spoken word.

Road Trip tips

Tip 1: Clean your car, this one is truly explanatory. There is nothing worse than setting off on your road trip to find your car is dirty, I think it sets great presidency start a road trip in a clean and fresh car. It doesn’t matter how long or short your road trip will be, its important to clear out all the dirty items and replace with a clean environment. I was always taught it takes dirty hands to clear the dirt so how about you get to it before you set off for your road trip.

Tip 2: Before every longer trip everyone is normally planning months and weeks ahead. But there are some essential things that people either forget or don’t think it is important. And so, checking the condition of your tyres as well as their pressure is very important. Not checking them daily when commenting to and from work or just driving around the town might seem normal but when getting on a longer journey it is essential to check them as the consequences and the cost of breakdown will not only ruin ones holidays but will also be very expensive.

 There are several things to note when checking tyres and fortunately this is not rocket science:

  •  Tyre tread – You have to ensure that the tyre tread is above the minimum legal depth of 1.6 millimetres. If it is lower than this then the car is illegal to be driven. It not only puts the driver and the passengers into danger but it also invalidates your insurance in the case of accident and if stopped by the police the car would get confiscated. Most of the tyres nowadays have little markers inside the tread showing where the legal depth is or if they are not there then the depth of tread could be inspected visually. Normally it is suggested to replace the tyres when the tread is below 3mm as below that the tyre loses its original performance and grip.
  • Bumps/scuffs – It is important to check the tyres for any bumps, scuffs of any objects that might be stuck in the tyre such as nails of pieces of broken glass. If any found it is suggested to take the tyre out to the tyre repair shop to get it repaired or you might need to buy new tyres, you can buy new tyres online at  Point-S
  • Tyre Pressure – it is important that your tyres have the right amount of air in them. It not only helps to prolong they lifespan but also improve your fuel consumption. Fortunately you don’t need to guess the suggested optimal tyre pressure of every car since the car manufacturers are putting this information on the side of the driver’s door frame and in the glove compartment. The information normally displays the tyre size, speed rating and the pressure both in PSI and Bar for the front and the back tyres. This helps when using the air pump as you clearly know how much air is required for the best performance.

Tip 3: Pack Essentials, this differs for each personal but you should have

  1. Water – keeping cool and hydrated
  2. Blankets – for when the weather turns even with heating on or when you stop for a nap
  3. Torch – it’s always smart to carry one especially if you will be driving through the night
  4. First Aid box – this is self-explanatory

Tip 4: Food, when packing food don’t just pack sweets pack foods that can keep and won’t go off easily and will sustain you on your journey. I have made this mistake in the past of where I pack what I think we need but it’s all sweets and junk and nothing sustainable.

So there you have it, these are my road trip tips to help you enjoy your road trip this summer without causing an accident because of bad tires.