2016 Summer Face Routine

Though a rarity, the sun is out and I thought I share with you my 2016 summer face routine. This is less heavy compared to my 2016 winter face routine, which I shared earlier in the year. Before I started blogging, I did not have much of a face routine, a quick wash with whatever was in the bathroom followed by a dab of what I could find in our bedroom in terms of moisturizer and I was done. Four years on and it’s a different story, one which I think could rival the “10 step Korean morning face routine“.

Because it is summer, most of us do not want to wear ‘heavy’ products and I am the same. My winter routine is all about keeping my face moisturised and not dry whilst in the summer it’s about keeping hydrated and less oily. I figured out a routine that is working for me and suits my needs. I have split my routine into three sections: At Home, At the Gym and Out & about. You might be wondering why I have split my routine into three, for the simple reason that whilst I am at home I want to give my skin a chance to breathe, at the gym I just set out all the impurities so I need to take advantage of that and when I am out and about I want my skin to hold its own instead of sweating like a pig.

2016 Summer Routine ~ At Home

When I am home and know I will not be leaving the house or going anywhere, I only use three products:

  • Cleanser – Most of us use some sort of cleanser every morning to refresh the face and to remove the impurities. Whilst cleansers will remove makeup up and excess oil your face excretes, it won’t always unclog the pores.
  • Face serum – Not everyone uses serums but I think you all should, serums can help with wrinkles, pigmentation and even prevent acne. I always use either Hyaluronic acid based serums or Vitamin C serums.
  • Moisturiser – Even though some people do not use cleaners nor face serums, almost everyone uses some sort of face moisturizer to keep the face moisturised and not dry.

When I know I will be out and about or I will be leaving my house to go to work, I try to pamper my skin a little bit more than usual. A year into blogging I started learning about the importance of using toners and serums alongside your cleanser or face wash and moisturizer. Then when I went to Korea last year I was introduced to emulsions. So why should you use these items on your face, what benefits do they offer.

2016 Summer Routine ~ Out and About

  • Cleanser – As mentioned above I use cleansers every morning to remove impurities and unclog the pores. To ensure my cleansers and face wash products do the best job, I try to use them with my soniclear sonic brush. The products I am currently using are simple face wash with the magnitone sonic brush every couple of days
  • Toner – I love to use toners as they help balance your skin’s pH levels and prepares your skin with a bit of hydration to better absorb the serums and creams.
  • Essence – I didn’t know about essence until I went to Korea where they use them religiously. The idea is for the essence to hydrate your skin but also help with cell turnover. I have noticed a huge difference in my face since I started adding the essence to my routine.
  • Serums – As mentioned above serums can help with wrinkle reduction and even clear acne, it’s always best to use them after toner or essence so they are easily absorbed into the skin where they can do their best work.
  • Moisturiser – I have a couple of favourite brand moisturisers that I used and trust, it is important to have the right moisturiser for your skin because all the steps above need to be kept in place to be able to work. The moisturiser should act as a barrier between the elements and your skin whilst creating a favourable environment for the toner, essence and serums to work on your skin.


2016 Summer Routine ~ At the Gym

Garnier Face Wipes

For the last 2 months I have been hitting the gym quite regularly during the week since I travel a lot on weekends. Because I perform the mega step routine above in the morning before work, I know I can not perform the same routine at the gym. As much as it is good to cleanser and moisturise your face, it can also be harmful if done too many times a day. I shower three times a day, one in the morning, at the gym and at home before bed and each time I cleanse my face and add my face products. I decided for the gym I would have a simple face routine.

  • Cleanser – I do not use my normal cleanser instead I will use cleansing wipes or cleansing water as I feel these  straining on my face. I do not have to worry about my skin peeling from too much washing and causing my skin to become thing. With the wipes I can gently wipe off the impurities I secrete after my gym class and same goes with the cleansing water.
  • Serum – After exercise, your pores open so it is a good time to use the serum to help protect my skin by adding favourable and nourishing products.
  • Moisturiser – The moisturiser will then lock in the serum and allow for it to work and repair my skin.

And that ladies and Gents is that, it might seem like a lot and daunting for those who do not have any specific face routine but I assure you it is not. Once you get into the routine and always have your products at hand, it is easy peasy.

Do you have a face routine? Do you have one for summer or its same routine 365 days?