Throwback Fashion #IWoreWhatNow

Do you remember that time as a child when your parents, aunties/uncles or guardians dressed you in some ridiculous outlook and back then you think you looked so cool but regret looking at the picture(s) now? Ya well, I had plenty of those experiences. I come from a large extended family, I had 20 aunties and uncles {10 from mum and 9 from dad plus one extra (dad’s cousin)} and we are a pretty close family so you can imagine me and my siblings were always subjected to being dressed up by our aunties and uncles as well as our older cousins who took pleasure in turning into live dolls.

girls outfit

There was never a dull moment in our home, one time that I particularly remember well is when my mother used to dress me by brother and sister in same clothes that she made for us or dress me and my brother the same since we were almost the same height and close in age. I loved having my hair cut so I played the tomboy role really nicely and my brother used to convince people I was he’s older twin brother (obviously it drove me insane). Ah memories!!!


When I first became away of the #IWoreWhatNow challenge I thought why not head home to my parents and check out some of the old pictures and see what I can share. We didn’t take many people’s as kids so the few we have are precious to us. The idea of this challenge is to retrieve some old pictures, review your childhood style and try to recreate it now with some George Asda kids clothing range. I had to think hard and choose really carefully which pictures of me and/or with my siblings I could share but since they are only few that wouldn’t result in me being disowned by my siblings I figured I share one of us celebrating a birthday (not sure whose it was as my sister insisted on being in the middle in all pictures even though she knew being in the middle meant it was your birthday).


Me, Lil sis and lil brother

My love of wearing party dresses stems from attending so many birthdays for our cousins and close friends. Having such a large extended family meant so many cousins birthdays to attend. I remember my mum buying this yellow party dress and I ended up wearing to every party that year. You wouldn’t catch me dead in anything like that now but back then it was at the peak of its time.

My sister also loved wearing dresses but she wasn’t to fussed on that, she however made a huge fuss on which shoes she wore and there was a red pair she loved and wouldn’t take them off even when she was sleeping. Though you can’t really tell but the dress my sister is wearing above is actually a blue princess dress which was a present from a family friend.

My brother is pretty easy as he loved wearing his brown three-piece suite without the jacket and wore it with a white long sleeve smart shirt. Like me he wore this to every party we went to that year.

I had to ask my mum what I was wearing exactly. I can see my little shoes which I loved dearly but I couldn’t tell if I was wearing a skirt with a white top and then a sweater (jumper) she knit for me or a long dress and she remembered clearly that I was wearing a white dress with some red/orange flowers on it. I love how attentive I was taking this picture.

My style obviously has evolved over the years but doing the #IWoreWhatNow challenge as made me realise just how much I love maxi dresses still. It has also made me realise I am still a sucker for easy and simple outfits. Since I enjoyed playing lots as a child I spent more of my time in shorts except for parties or formal functions like church.

Have you heard of the #IWoreWhatNow challenge? How has your style evolved over the years? Or do you still pull off the outfits types from way back when?