Enjoy the Luxury of Freedom with Big Berry 

Disclosure: I was a guest of Bigberry during my stay in Slovenia, regardless all opinions are 100% my own.

My love of travel presented with an opportunity of a lifetime and I jumped at the chance to explore Slovenia once again. Many ask me how I manage to travel so often and I have shared my response on the blog before and it’s not like I have a lot of money but I search for deals and also once in a while an opportunity like this (press trip) comes along and you’re humbled because you’ve been chosen out of so many to experience that destination/service and then share with others.

Luxury of Freedom

What could I possible mean by luxury of freedom with Bigberry? Big Berry is a  glamorous camping site (aka Glamping), the first of its kind lifestyle resort located in Bela Krajina region in Slovenia and hosts a camping site with a difference. I had never been camping nor glamping before I was invited to this press trip but I had always wanted to so I jumped at the opportunity to visit a glamp site and explore  Slovenia once again.

Frequent readers of the blog will know my first visit to Slovenia was last December when I took a spontaneous weekend to Ljubljana. It was this spontaneous trip last year to Slovenia that ignited in me the need take part in the #take12trips travel challenge.

Big Berry Luxury of Freedom Cabins

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I had mentioned in Explore & Glamp in Slovenia with Big berry that from the moment of my arrival in Ljubljana it was all systems go.  We did not arrive at the campsite until well passed 12 midnight. My first proper view of the Big Berry campsite was the following morning and I did have an amazing first impression of what would be my cabin for the four days I was there. What definitely stood out for me was the huge jacuzzi that each cabin has on the terrace, though it takes a while to fill up it is certainly worth it.

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The kitchen area was open and fitted with kitchen units, the corner sofa was the perfect addition to this living space area. The cabins are well ventilated, due to the heat outside it was actually surprising that it was better to be inside than outside to be protected from the elements unless you were canoeing on the Kolpa River.

Big Berry cabins

The bathroom is smartly designed and equipped with everything you would want and also find in a hotel or at home.

big berry bathroom

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The campsite offers so many places to relax and take the surrounding in.

Big berry campsite

Luxury of Freedom Costs

Big Berry offers three types of cabins all designed the same way, if you’re traveling alone or as a couple you can book the 2 persons cabin, if there is more than two but less than 4 then you can book the 4 persons cabin and the largest cabin they offer is a 6 persons cabin. Currently Big Berry is taking enquiries/bookings for spring/summer 2017 bookings, you can submit your enquiries via their website or call on +386 642 41 311.

The proposed price per house is 200euros per night, this includes the breakfast and activities such as touring Ljubljana, visiting the Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled and other local destinations (see camp services below). Though Big Berry has activities planned, these will be subjected and dependent on client needs and wants. I think the price is more cost-effective if a group of friends decide to stay together in the 6 person cabin then each person will contribute 33.33 euros per night which is such a huge bargain.

Breakfast with Big Berry

Big Berry Breakfast

Breakfast is brought every morning around 7-10am, Big Berry provides a breakfast basket with locally sourced products and the guests of Big Berry get to try this for free. In each of the breakfast baskets where;

  • Belokranjska Pogaca or Bela Krajina flat bread which is savoury and is provided fresh from the bakery but can also be eaten cold. Legend has it that there is a long tradition in Bela Krajina which has been handed down from generation to generation. When people would eat this flat bread they would have it with wine or homemade brandy.
  • Lamut juice made from 100% organic apple juice, I must say this was the best apple juice I had ever had and every day I had about 3-4 bottles as it was that good.
  • Ghee is an unrefined butter, it takes over 38 hours of cooking carefully to give Ghee its flavour, purity, aroma and the golden-yellow colour.

The breakfast basket also contained other food items that I had already munched by the time I took this picture but you also get things like croissant,honey, milk, eggs, olive oil and milk shakes too.

luxury of freedom

Luxury of Freedom Freebies

Other freebies included in the room where the shower gel and cream (travel size), towels (leave at campsite on departure) and kitchen utensils to cook with. Big Berry really does offer the luxury of freedom when you stay with them, you don’t have to worry about what you will eat for breakfast because they have that covered. You can worry about your lunch (they do have BBQs and guests are welcome to have some) and dinner but you can arrange something with them or eat at their partner restaurants or other local restaurants dependent on your fancy. Every restaurant we visited we got the Big Berry menu which gave us a sort of discount and you can do that too but need to mention before you order that your a guest of Big Berry.

Camp Services

As shown on the map below among other things I was happy to learn they have wifi and free laundry services. I know usually when people heard to a lifestyle resort they have to stay off the grid but as a blogger having the wifi came in very handy.

big berry

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All in all Big Berry campsite offers such unique services, you get the modernized camping experience with no compromise on quality nor nature. I believe Big Berry is both family friendly offering services to cater to your needs and also solo/couple travelers looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Slovenia gives you something that many areas fail, clean air and basks you in the bosoms of mother nature herself with no compromise.

Thank you Big Berry for hosting my stay, I hope to come visit again with family or friends.

And that is the luxury of freedom.