{Fashion Monday} Zara Inspired outfit

Two weekends ago my little sister took me to lunch as my birthday present and then shopping where she picked me up a lovely red Zara dress and nice string top also from Zara.

I don’t often shop in Zara but I do like there clothes as they last a while but can be a bit pricey for my liking. But we were very fortunate that they had such a lovely sale going on in Oxford that we got the dress for half its original price and best part is it fit me like a glove.

Zara inspired dress



The last two weeks have been the hottest we’ve expressed in the UK so far and I am loving it. Summer is truly here and I am making the most of it. The Zara dress has been perfect one to try out and style since my sister bought it for me.

Zara Inspired outfit

I mentioned in Embrace the Heels post I shared last week that I am wearing more block heels these days than any other time and I am loving it. Block heels have become a favourite of mine and styling the Zara dress with block heels has been really wonderful.

I picked up another pair of block heels from Tesco’s F&F brand and I can truly say these are the most comfortable heels I have ever tried. They are higher than my  normal block heels but since these have a platform they are even better.

When styling block heels, I am going for comfort over style. I know some of my readers mentioned they can’t wear heels but I think if possible you can substitute with wedges or platform block heels as they are so comfortable in most cases and still look stylish.

I have been wearing the Zara dress everywhere, paring it with blocked heels, my black tote bag and simple jewellery since the weather is too hot.