{Travel} 10 must see places in Copenhagen 

After visiting Copenhagen a couple of weeks back, I figured it was time I shared with you 10 must see places in Copenhagen before it starts to fade in my mind. I have come to appreciate  my iPhone very much as it take such lovely pictures, these days the stresses of life are robbing me of my lovely getaway memories.


10 Must See Places in Copenhagen

I have split the must see places into two sections. Six that I actually visited and 4 that I wanted to visit but didn’t get a chance to. I did a free walking tour with copenhagen free walking tours.

6 Places I visited

Tivoli Gardens – One of the oldest theme parks in Europe, it has been in operation since 1843. Located near the Kobenhavns Hovedbanegard (station) and city hall, it is one of the easiest sites to locate in Copenhagen. It is said to be of utter beauty during christmas with all the twinkling lights and decorations. I didn’t get a chance to enter it during my visit but I got a good view from the outside.

Tivoli Copenhagen


Rosenborg Castle – It was not hard to see why this landmark is a must see place in Copenhagen. I was blown away just looking at the Castle, I had failed to see it the day before so I was happy to have a look-see from the outside. Unfortunately I spent the time just staring and not taking pictures.

Stroget – I am a shopaholic but I had to bow to this shopping street, it was so packed and so busy it was hard to get a moment to enjoy the street. It is very touristy and as our guide mentioned to us, if you can think of anything to buy its all there. obviously Scandinavia is so expensive, I took a pass at this time.

Botanical Gardens – I love nature (ok I appreciate mother nature) and seeing beautiful flowers brought a smile to my face. The grounds were absolutely breathtaking it’s a must visit place.


Nyhavn moved from Bordellos to Bistros

Nyhavn – To think this part was one of the shadiest parts of Copenhagen to becoming the post-card Copenhagen is absolutely unbelievable. The story goes, it was the worst of the worst parts of town and people were scared to visit. Then one day a show was held, ships came into harbour and apparently a conjured technical fault resulted in the ships staying longer. Nyhavn moved from bordellos to bistros and has never looked back, it’s is now one of the most touristy places.

4 Places I wished I visited

The Little Mermaid – Our tour guide explained it quite simply (we didn’t get to see it ourselves). He said, it’s one of those landmarks that you have high expectations for only to see a tiny little moulded rock. It definitely reminded me of the Belgians Man Pis, heard great things then I saw it and was completely stunned into silence.

Christiansborg Palace – When we arrived, it started to rain so we had to hide for cover and didn’t really get to experience and explore the Palace grounds properly.

The National Museum of Denmark – I am not one for museums, I am more of an outside observer of museums. I did not get a chance to view the 3000 years of Danish history held in this museum.

Amalienborg – Thought to be the Queen’s winter home, it would be nice to visit during winter. The pictures  show it to be simple yet commands respect and Royalty for that matter.

I had such a lovely time touring Copenhagen and can not wait to go back.

Have you ever been or see of the places on my 10 must see places in Copenhagen?