A Perfect Weekend in Les Gets When You Want to Relax

Les Gets


A weekend skiing trip is ideal for adding some action and adventure to your life. However, it is also worth remembering that this can also help you to relax after a tough week at work.

The stylish French Alps resort of Les Gets is one of the best options when it comes to getting a weekend break that leaves you feeling completely refreshed. So, what will you do there to help your worries to just melt away?

Check Out the Town

This is a terrific place to use as a base for staying in when you go on a ski trip. However, there is a lot more to it than just a place to sleep and eat while you aren’t out skiing.

You can get a lot of pleasure out of just walking around Les Gets and feeling the very special atmosphere. The wonderful scenery, the shops, the cases and the fact that everyone is having a good time makes this the kind of destination where it is easy to relax.

If you are feeling adventurous then you could check out the surrounding villages, try out some of the local hiking trials or else take the ski lift out to a scenic spot away from the town. Otherwise, just strolling around the central area is something that is definitely well worth doing.

The town is picturesque and the dramatic mountains behind it add to the sensation of being in a remote, charming spot. If you have a good camera then this is a fine place in which to take some of the best photos of your life.

Eat and Drink in Style

The quality restaurants and bars in Les Gets make it easy to settle down with something to eat or drink at the end of an exciting day of skiing. There are many different styles of place to choose from, with lively bars featuring live music and classy restaurants offering stylish places to eat.

If it is complete relaxation that is on your mind then some of the top restaurants here are La Pela, Les Copeaux, and Alpine Tavern. The bars in town to look out for include Le Pub Irlandais and Bar Bush, where you can seek out some company and try out some fashionable outfits that make you feel good.

Whether you are travelling here alone or with others, spending some time relaxing with great food and drinks is one sure way to feel very relaxed. It is no surprise to see that many of the restaurants specialize in authentic French dishes, but there are plenty of international dishes to choose from too.

Why not grab a table with a spectacular mountain view and enjoy the amazing scenery while eating and drinking to your heart’s content? It is this feeling the magic in this kind of very special setting that makes life worth living, after all.

Choose the Perfect Accommodation

Staying in the right type of accommodation is something that will also help to make your weekend in Les Gets far more memorable. The good news is that there is an extensive choice of places to stay for you to choose from.

From top quality hotels to cozy ski chalets and villas, there is a lot of choice to pick from here. Perhaps the best approach is to find a location that suits you, so that you are close to all of the main things that you want to do.

After that, you might want to find accommodation with a terrific view of the mountains or with outstanding facilities such as a swimming pool and hot tub. These factors will help to make it a place where you will enjoy spending time and feeling pampered between skiing sessions.

Make Some New Friends or Bond with Old Ones

The friendly ambience in Les Gets makes it an ideal place for meeting new friends

or for bonding with old ones. Everyone you are likely to meet is here to let their hair down and get a welcome break from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Whether you are enjoying a glass of wine or outside taking some pictures, there is every chance that you end up talking to some other skiers and making new friends. People just want to have a good time here and feel good about their break.

On the other hand, if you come here with a group of friends then it is an ideal spot to pass a few days in each other’s company and strengthen your bonds. There is much to do and so much time to spend together that you are sure to all feel the benefits of doing this.

Les Gets


A weekend trip to Les Gets will give you numerous opportunities to enjoy life and to genuinely feel the power of a couple of days’ worth of complete relaxation.