{Fashion Monday} One Pair Two Outfits

When I was creating one pair two outfits, I had one theme and one colour in mind and that was ‘rose pink’. If you read impress your date, you will remember most of the accessories where rose-pink. I am so in love with rose-pink at that moment that 90% of my outfits both on the mood board and real life are consisting of some sort of rose gold.

I was in Copenhagen final weekend in July and the weather was so temperamental that I decided today’s outfit would be one that is suitable for the unpredictable Danish & British weather. I figured on the day where the weather focus is predicted to have over 50% rain then it’s best to wear a sleeved blouse (obviously carry your brolly and light coat in your bag) and for when the weather behaved sleeveless blouse is exactly what the sun doctor ordered.


One Pair Two Outfits

One pair two outfits is an idea which came about upon my return to the glooming England. I know our British weather leaves much to be desired so we are always creative in terms of how we dress on a day-to-day. All my outfits (though not always dipicted on the fashion boards) always have in mind (that you’ve packed) a light coat for summer and spring and winter coat for rest of the seasons.

Skinny Jeans – Love or hate them!!

Regular readers know how much I enjoy putting outfits together and also know my appreciation for ripped skinny jeans. Ever since I dared to buy a couple last year, I can not seem to get enough of them. I believe they are so easy to dress and can look good on anyone without trying.

During summer you have an abundance of ways to dress your skinny jeans, as I have depicted in my one pair two outfits mood board. You can throw together a nice pair of skinny jeans with a blouse (sleeved or less), pair with (my favourite) block heels and minimal jewellery and you’re good to go.

Skinny and Travel

For those who are always on the move, skinny jeans are your friend as they don’t get too hot nor cold so if you’re riding overnight buses or trains for long distance you can still stay warm enough. You can easy change-up the tops or pair with canvas or trainers and you would still look stylish with minimal effort.

Adding a Fedora hat to this outfit I believe makes it even more stylish, not all of us like the idea of wearing hats but there are times when we are having bad hair days or need to escape to the salon but can’t move with the current state of affairs in the hair department so only makes sense to cover up.

In most instances I would probably go with a beanie hat but when creating one pair two outfits I thought a fedora would do the trick in concealing even the worse of ‘bad hair days’ whilst still illuminating the idea of perfect overall outfit.

What do you think of my one pair two outfits post?