Five Things #1

Five Things, a series I have seen on fellow blogger Rhian’s site which she does weekly. I always enjoy reading these posts on her site and I wanted to do it on my blog. Today I remembered and here I am attempting to have a go at my very first. Regular readers know my track record with series. The ones I have created myself I still follow, the ones others create I don’t always. So let’s see how I fair with this series

five things

Five Things I Did This Week

  • Saturday I went on my driving lesson, the instructor was impressed with my parking skills. They still need some work but will practice more with a family member soon.
  • Tuesday I went back to the gym after missing it for almost two months. Somehow I seem to have lost weight according to the scales. Until someone reminded me that muscle is heavier than fat, ah well I was happy for a moment.
  • Wednesday I again went back to the gym and the effects of that class I am still feeling today. I love this class ‘Body Pump’ its all weights and it’s lovely, helped me lose some weight.
  • Thursday I managed to coordinator my boss’ boss and new vendor, manage my work and not lose my sh*t. I also managed to score in some gym time early in the morning.
  • Thursday I went to dinner with my boss’ boss, we had a lovely chat and was good to know her better. We went to Wildwood Kitchen were we had the best dinner ever, I enjoyed my spaghetti with king prawn accompanies by Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer, very much-needed.

Five Great Things To Happen

  • Wednesday I finally managed to finish and submit one of my assignments for university, very happy.
  • Tuesday-Thursday, though I am still sore and in pain I enjoyed being back in the gym. Exercise is good for the soul and I workout almost as much as I enjoy my food.
  • Wednesday, my new autumn ankle boots that I purchased from F&F Tesco Clothing finally arrived.
  • Monday-Thursday, my page views increased big time (not huge for some) and I couldn’t be happier. I am back on top of my blogging game.
  • Saturday till Friday I thank the lord all the time for my life, the people in it.

Five Things Which Sucked 

  • Wednesday was the last day for my boss and I didn’t even get a chance to speak to her. It’s like she disappeared and I have no idea where to from here in some respects.
  • Tuesday – Friday, I have so busy at work running around like headless chicken.
  • Saturday, my instructor suggested I get more practice with family for confidence but I have no one here me.
  • Friday, I am so sore from the gym I can hardly move.
  • The weather has gotten colder which is too be expected but still sucked

Five Things To Do Next Week

  • Concentrate on finishing my university assignment due in exactly two weeks today, I have the title but nothing much.
  • Prepare to attend my modules in Southampton for university and read the provided material
  • Catch up on emails in the evening for work and for the blog so as not to get behind.
  • Visit my parents, I have not seen them since before I went to South Africa in September. That’s almost 2 months now and I am missing my mummy plus daddy can give me free lessons.
  • Remember to book my gym classes Sunday or Monday morning, it sucks that you can’t book more than 2 days in advance.

And there you have it, my first attempt at Rhian’s Five Things Series. I am hopping to continue this type of posts but will see how I get on and my schedule.

How has your week been and what’s your plan for next week?