Black Friday Purchases 

Black Friday craziness has definitely been creeping on this side of the Atlantic more and more over the years. There are so many things like Halloween, thanksgiving etc that are America centric that have made it here. Obviously not nearly as big as in the states but it’s catching on…fast. Black Friday is one of them and it’s not going anywhere.

I had told myself that I was not going to do any shopping and I intended on sticking to that. That was until I started writing my what I want for Christmas post and realised I really wanted  a camera. You see since I started blogging and attending blogger events I realised that I should up my game. It has been something I had been wanting to do but never got round to it. Then it was money issues thinking I couldn’t afford it, but when I actually could I choose to travel instead.Black Friday Purchases

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS

There say in life it is  all about priorities, I am still trying to figure out what are my priorities. I have not yet got the hang of it all but I am  slowly learning. When it came to my blogging journey I honestly did not have my priorities bang on. I figured the iPhone 6plus has good enough camera, why mess with something working just fine. There has been times when I really wanted to take pictures, when I did they didn’t quite come out right.

After a few searches on Currys PC world and hardly any research, I opted for the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS. The sales guy/person said it is a good enough camera and I bought it for £159.99. This is not an expense I had put on the budget so it means, no spend month. It’s crazy to have a no spend a month in December but spending on unnecessary things is banned, only essentials.

Before I decided to go on the no spend month, I had to treat myself to one last gift a weekender to Nice France. Nice is on my 30B430 Bucketlist but never had a chance to visit yet due to its popularity during summer. I figured why not go when no one is thinking of hitting up the south of France.

Easyjet had an awesome deal going for £50 return flight from London Luton. I have genius account with so I found a 4* hotel for £60 for two nights and that’s me sorted. I can not wait to visit next weekend, I need to plan my weekend.

Did you get anything during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Did you get a chance to treat yourself or your family?