Disneyland Paris ~ A Dream come true

Disneyland Paris ~ A Dream come true

Disneyland Paris, I had been dreaming about visiting since I was a kid. I did not think one day I would be visiting this magical land all by myself. I did not think I would be adding this visit to my accomplishments list. This was a dream that was confined to the dream world because well I thought I was too old for Disneyland Paris. Yes I know it was silly of me to conclude that, but in my defence I only saw kiddy side to it and not the fun it was.

On one fine day, I was busy bustling at work when MoH messages me a Eurostar deal to Paris or Brussels. I had just returned from Brussels so  I knew I wouldn’t be rushing back (even though I wanted to) so Paris it was. Now, in my fantasy world, I would have gone to Paris for the first time with MoH and he would propose. Obviously that didn’t happen, I took the bull by the horn and hopped on the train and went.

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I have realised that waiting on people to help you accomplish your dreams is a waste of a dream. I had very much wanted to go to Disneyland Paris with someone, but alone was awesome too. Was it awesome, abso-freaking-lutely!! This was one of my best decisions in life ever. Though my initial intention was to visit Disneyland Paris with someone I am glad I went alone.

Take control of your dream and go for it

I have mentioned many times on the blog how much I have learnt about myself since I started solo traveling. I will admit I was pretty scared to start off with, I thoughts surviving in another country alone? But do you know what, I threw all common sense out the window and just went for it.

I say to you, go go go

Certain goals in life that take a lot of hardwork and others just take stepping out of your comfort zone. I am happy that I was able to travel to Disneyland Paris and experience everything Disneyland and also explore Paris.

Have you go after a dream? Stepped out of your comfort zone?

Disneyland Paris