Gift Guide: For the Fashionable She {Her}

Fashionable She {or her} can be the easiest or hardest persons to buy for dependent on how well you know them. I am sure all of us have Fashionable friends and if you don’t it’s because you’re {her} it. I wouldn’t consider myself to be the most fashionable among my family and friends but I try. The most fashionable she that I know is my little sister and another is my friend Muki.

When I was thinking of items I would like to gift my most fashionable she, I looked at what they like. I also thought about what I would like to receive if I am someone’s fashionable she.

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Fashionable she ~ Giving 

Stylish Cardigan { For Muki}, when we lived together she always loved her stylish cardigans. She is one stylish lady that I always check out when I can. She dresses effortlessly but looks so put together in perfect unison.

Heart Shaped Necklace {For Lucy}, sometimes she needs reminding how much I love her as her older sister. We are ones who always bicker when together and 💯 supporters of each other when apart. When I was sent this beautiful jewellery I knew this is one I want to get for her too.

Stylish Winter Jacket, I think with the weather becoming cooler it’s time to start thinking about winter jackets. These days we are fortunate to have so many options for warm yet stylish jackets and coats.

Handbag, I am yet to meet a fashionable she  who doesn’t like handbags. It’s an essential piece of an outfit, the right handbag can make an outfit.

For the Fashionable She {Her}

Fashionable She ~ Receiving 

Winter Boots, as I have said already it’s getting cooler so makes sense to have warm winter boots. Not sure if this year will have snow but nice warm 

Gloves, I am someone who is always cold so gloves are always a big hit with me. MoH once bought me iPhone friendly gloves and I was in heaven but then I lost them. I am in search of some awesome new gloves but not found any yet.

Skinny Jeans, these never go out of style. You can always dress them up or down and for someone whose all about comfort, it’s a must.

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There are so many other items I could be but I wanted these to be a perfect replica of what I want to give or want to receive. I am planning on sharing many more simple gift guide ideas and Fashionable She is just the first.

Have you thought of what you want to give the fashionable she {her} in your life?