Leesa Mattress ~ First Impressions

Leesa Mattress are a company operating exclusively online as they believe it’s impossible to make a decision in 5 minutes about a good mattress. Team Leesa Mattress have designed an innovative 3 foam layer mattress and offers 💯 night risk free trial period. Now tell me that doesn’t scream a company who believes in the product they are making and selling? If you’re an insomnia sufferer like me or have bad back then this bed is for you too.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattress ~ First Impressions

The design of the mattress is that it adjusts to your body to offer optimum support and comfort. On the Leesa Mattress you won’t experience pain or overheating like some traditional mattresses. I had my old mattress for over 18 months and lord knows it had its perks but it never conformed to my body. I found myself waking up, hot and sweaty during the night with one side in pain. This is something most of us have experienced with some mattresses.

So imagine my delight when Leesa Mattress reached out to me to see if I would love to review their mattress on my blog. I couldn’t answer the marketing coordinator fast enough. I had just returned from Milan missing the hotel bed and wanted my own. As the universe would have it, this offer came through.

Social impact 

What I love even more about Leesa Mattress is that for every 10 mattresses they sale, they give one mattress to a charitable organisation. Plus they are committed to donating a 300 mattresses to various shelters across London over the next year. 

After seeing a lot of ads on TV about mattress topper, I thought Leesa Mattress was offering that too. To my delight is was a full mattress. I quickly checked out the site, got back to Leesa and told them the size of my bed (double). We agreed on the collaboration and a day later my discount code was sent.

Ordering Process

Now when was the last time you ordered a mattress on-line in less than 5 minutes. Leesa Mattress only has one type of mattress this speeds up the ordering process as do knowing your mattress sizes. They offer 4 size options; single to King; offering UK and EU sizes then a UK Super King size. The mattress I got was a UK double (135cm x 190cm x 25cm) costing £590. A single costs £390, king £690 and super king £740. Yes they are expensive but honestly after only spending two nights on my new mattress I can understand why. I believe they are worse the price tag.

The mattress topper being show on TV are actually more expensive than the Leesa Mattress which I think is a great investment.

Delivery Process ~ quicker than quick 

Now let’s talk about the delivery, I had the chat with Leesa Mattress Tuesday, Wednesday I got the discount code. I placed the order on Wednesday like a normal customer, by Friday I got a message about my delivery date and it was that very Friday. Unless you pay for next day delivery, when was the last time a company delivered a mattress that quickly? My old mattress and bed took two whole weeks to arrive, I had to sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag. I am supper impressed by Leesa Mattress, they say delivery is expected within 4-7 days I got mine in 2 days. This is 4 – 7 days to MAKE & DELIVERY to you. And don’t worry I didn’t have to give the company my order number for them to prioritize my delivery.

Mini Review ~ First Impressions 

This is first impressions only, full review in a weeks time after 7-day trial.

Loving how the mattress conforms to my body and gave me great support which I felt just after one night. I could immediately see the difference between the Leesa Mattress and my old divan Mattress. A friend came over and we refused to leave the bed after the first night as it was that amazing. As I write this first impressions post I am in bed, having abandoned my work station. I am happy to wake up with no marks on my body as I tend to sleep on one side.

 I am truly happy with this mattress, thank you Santa Leesa Mattress for my early Christmas gift.

Have you ever heard of Leesa Mattress or have a mattress from them? What was your first impression? Are you looking for a new mattress, look no further than Leesa Mattress.

*Disclosure: I was sent the Leesa Mattress in change for an honest review, all opinions/experiences are 100% my own.