Gift Guide: Experience the gift ~ Christmas ideas

Experience the gift, whatever do I mean! Well it’s simple, most of us are used to giving gloves, socks, Christmas jumpers and the lot. Nothing wrong with that but sometimes it’s best to give the special someone chance to experience the gift. An experience gift I want to give my dad which is either golfing or seeing UB40 in concert.

I have fonder childhood memories of going golfing and playing chess whilst listening to UB40 with my dad. These are the two memories I would love to give to him as they mean a lot to me. I know daddy would love to drive a fast car and I have been searching for a good deal with Virgin experiences and Red letter days.

Along the way I also become my mummies baby again and she backs me ­čĺ» percent in my choices. She taught me everything I know, they say you get your brains from your mother I certainly did. Not that I didn’t get brains from my dad. I have realised I can cope with so many things because of the strength I have seen in my mother. I always thought I am her daughter if she can do it so can I. For my mother I would love to give her a spa day or a cooking class. The only problem is trying to get her to sit down and do nothing whilst everyone does it all.

My siblings have a special place in my heart that it hurts me so much when they are sad. When they cry I cry too but we are all the first ones to pick a fight with each other. That’s family for you, they are your first friends and first enemies. They say it’s the thing you feed the most (friendship or enemy) that goes strong. I know I feed the friendship monster with my family and friends.

For my brother since his a parent and husband, I got them a £75 virgin experience gift card to choose what they wanted to do. They went as a couple for a chocolate making day which obviously was the best choice ever for both of them.

experience the gift

More Experience the gift ideas

My sister is a different and difficult one to give a chance to experience the gift. But I think for her the perfect gift would be a Beauty Advent Calendar as she is everything beauty. I have taken her on a staycation getaway to Brighton with Trvelodge and she loved it. She loves spending time together but as I said, your family are your first friends and enemies. My sister has the knack to prick me at my sensitive moods so we always end up arguing about something but then laughing about it later.



To my beautiful nephew I would like to create so many opportunities to experience a gift but I am clueless on what’s there for kids. When you’re a parent you’re more attuned to things available for kids. I have next to no clue apart from visiting the zoo, Disneyland and maybe nature walks as my nephew loves to walk.

For my sister-in-law the chance to experience the gift would come in a form of spa day. Or spa day with a hotel stay or afternoon tea or pampering day at home. I know there are many options I can choose from for her but 99% of the time she would love a spa day.

Giving someone a gift does not need to be limited to buying clothes, personalizing favourite items but also a chance to experience  the gift of a life time. I would love to go on London cruise of the Thames or a flying experience over coast.

If you were to give someone a chance to experience the gift, what would it be? If you were to receive and experience day gift what would it be? 



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  1. December 11, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    Exactly an experience is the best

  2. December 11, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Haha my sister would so join you for afternoon tea in London

  3. December 11, 2016 / 8:05 pm

    Thank you so much Ola I appreciate you saying that that’s so sweet of you

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