Five Useful Christmas Presents 

The Five Useful Christmas Presents roundup lists all the items I am thinking of gifting my family. These items are not only useful at Christmas but throughout the year. I have always declared on the blog, for my family Christmas is not about presents but about family. And if we are going to give each other Presents it has to be those which are useful and can be used passed December.


Five Useful Christmas Presents

Five Useful Christmas Presents


Winter is currently underway and while it’s prudent to think of buying warm coats and jackets. It is equally important to think of other piece of clothing that are useful not just in winter. Things like under garments, socks, ties and handkerchief (who still use them).

Most men are quite bad at buying themselves clothes and rely on partners to get them something decent. My dad is one who though loves to shop but is not quite good at buying relevant and lasting clothes. Mum always picks him up some items for him to last him through the winter and next season.

Personal hygiene products 

Yes it’s Christmas not a time to forget about personal hygiene products. These products can be anything from face cleansers to electric toothbrushes. During the festive period we are always busy eating sweet foods but how many thinking about brushing teeth. As someone with more fillings than the dentist and a root canal I am a big believer in oral hygiene. 

Because I know how crazy this time of year gets I always stock up on personal hygiene products. Anything from toothpaste, toothbrush, pads, tissues to wet and cleaning wipes. It truly pays to be ready especially this time of the year. 

Digital photo album 

Back in the day I used to love photo albums and would spend hours looking throw the pictures. With the current technology advances it makes sense to move with the times. Not all of us have our families close by and though we can make a photo album it’s easier to digitize them now.

Passport and travel document case 

As a frequent traveler this is something that’s important and handy for me to have. Whether your family or friends are regular travelers or not I think this is a useful present for anyone. It takes the stress out of trying to find documents instead you put them in one place.

Charging cables 

I am have mentioned this before on the blog. Charging cables have saved my life and I am absolutely loving them. Charging cables are something everyone needs all the time when traveling away from home.

What would make your list of Five Useful Christmas Presents?