Five Useful Christmas Presents 

The Five Useful Christmas Presents roundup lists all the items I am thinking of gifting my family. These items are not only useful at Christmas but throughout the year. I have always declared on the blog, for my family Christmas is not about presents but about family. And if we are going to give each other Presents it has to be those which are useful and can be used passed December.


Five Useful Christmas Presents

Five Useful Christmas Presents


Winter is currently underway and while it’s prudent to think of buying warm coats and jackets. It is equally important to think of other piece of clothing that are useful not just in winter. Things like under garments, socks, ties and handkerchief (who still use them).

Most men are quite bad at buying themselves clothes and rely on partners to get them something decent. My dad is one who though loves to shop but is not quite good at buying relevant and lasting clothes. Mum always picks him up some items for him to last him through the winter and next season.

Personal hygiene products 

Yes it’s Christmas not a time to forget about personal hygiene products. These products can be anything from face cleansers to electric toothbrushes. During the festive period we are always busy eating sweet foods but how many thinking about brushing teeth. As someone with more fillings than the dentist and a root canal I am a big believer in oral hygiene. 

Because I know how crazy this time of year gets I always stock up on personal hygiene products. Anything from toothpaste, toothbrush, pads, tissues to wet and cleaning wipes. It truly pays to be ready especially this time of the year. 

Digital photo album 

Back in the day I used to love photo albums and would spend hours looking throw the pictures. With the current technology advances it makes sense to move with the times. Not all of us have our families close by and though we can make a photo album it’s easier to digitize them now.

Passport and travel document case 

As a frequent traveler this is something that’s important and handy for me to have. Whether your family or friends are regular travelers or not I think this is a useful present for anyone. It takes the stress out of trying to find documents instead you put them in one place.

Charging cables 

I am have mentioned this before on the blog. Charging cables have saved my life and I am absolutely loving them. Charging cables are something everyone needs all the time when traveling away from home.

What would make your list of Five Useful Christmas Presents?

  • Vicky Hallnewman

    There are some fab ideas here for gifts, happy new year

    • Thanks Vicky! Happy new year to you too and thanks for stopping by

  • My top five would be clothes, shoes, tech gear, beauty products, and a great pair of pjs. I would also probably put some tool for taking picts for the blog. It seems like every year I add something new in that realm.

    • I know what you mean, same here every year

  • That’s brilliant and thanks for stopping by

  • I have bought electric toothbrushes for my little ones this year!

    • Awww how lovely I am sure they will/do love them

  • Ave T

    These are really great gift ideas! I have an electric toothbrush on my wish list! My parents would love didgital photo album, so they can show the pictures of their grandkids to all their friends.

    • Thanks and I am sure your parents would love that big time

  • fashion-mommy

    I love gifts of clothing but am so picky I usually end up taking them back.

    • Oh bless I think a gift card for your favourite clothing store would work best then

  • Ickle Pickle

    Great list – charging cables drive me potty! With two teens and myself all on iPhones and iPads, we literally fight over them at times! Kaz x

    • I know the feeling hence why I got the charging cable for multiple devices on one

  • Anthea

    Some great suggestions. I think the cable idea is brilliant and something that most people could do with. It’s a modern day stocking filler for sure!

    • Absolutely definitely and modern day stocking filler

  • Jocelyn Brown

    Very useful and awesome gift ideas. I love giving presence but sometimes it’s hard for me to think on what to give and this great ideas will help me. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad this article is helpful

  • Lovely gift ideas! I would love a face brush cleanser! xo

    • I have a few and they are so awesome

  • Angela Milnes

    What a nice gift ideas, These are all great and very useful

  • Ourfamilyworld

    This is a great gift ideas for Christmas. Yes, They are all useful. I prefer to give clothes and photo albums.

    • Clothes always welcome ain’t they

  • I would always prefer to give gifts that people can use than yo give ones that they don’t really like and will just ignore for the rest of the year! I think these are amazing ideas!

    • Exactly my thinking no point in giving people something they can not do anything with

  • TheNewClassy

    I always like to get personal hygiene products for Christmas. A lot of people think that it shows poor taste to do that, but I really do enjoy getting things like soaps and shampoos.

    • I am the same I really do love getting personal hygiene products as they are useful

  • Faith Stephenson

    This is a very helpful article! Even me would love to receive this type of gifts, thanks for sharing this idea!

    • I am glad to hear that and thanks for stopping by

  • I love getting and giving presents and the best ones are certainly those that you can put to use! These are great ideas and I find it interesting and cute that chargers made in on the list…it’s an essential nowadays :p

    • It sure is essential and thanks so much Katrina. Presents which are useful are worth it than something you can’t do anything with

  • Gosh, for me – well, chocolate…because I’ve always eaten it all, power banks, charging cables, spare lens caps and cleaning cloths for my lenses

    • Hahaha chocolate definitely on everybodies list lol but yes charging cables making a huge difference in my life

  • Nicole E.

    Those are really great practical ideas! I always need charging cables. It seems like I’m either constantly losing them, or we just have more devices than we have cables at this point so someone is always waiting on one.

    • I had the same issue so I am glad to have one charging cable for multiple devices and can charge multiple at once

  • Fab gift ideas here for Christmas. Clothes always make a great Christmas gift.

    • That they do indeed

  • I would never have thought to buy someone a charging cable but you are so right! It is always the one thing people need! Great post!

    • Thanks Nikki, it’s something we always overlook.