{Fashion Monday} Sparkle into Christmas 

Sparkle into Christmas with these simple fashion ideas and tips. Y’all know how much I love comfortable outfits and this one is no different. Another thing I love is simplicity of my outfits, sophistication is not my strongest suit but I do give it a hammer now and again. 

If you’re like me and though love sparkles you prefer to keep them at a minimum then this outfit idea is for you. Yes it’s Christmas time and with that comes many sparkling things from plain old glitter to that sashaying skirt. But I also feel like there are times when all you need is a simple enough outfit that will survive the test of time and can also be worn at another time in the year. One of the reasons I don’t often buy all sparkles and shingles is that many are limited to when and where I can wear them.

Sparkle into Christmas 

As your favourite blogger fashionista (self-proclaimed) I am here to help you sparkle into Christmas with my foolproof tips. Ok so I am no fashionista, I just love sharing my outfit ideas and hopefully help someone out there.

Sparkle into Christmas

Sparkle into Christmas tip one {1}

You know that sparkly dress you have at the back of the closet and don’t dare to wear it? Yes that dress that you now feel might have been an accidental purchase, ya well I have a tip for you. Dress that sparkly dress with a plain black blazer and pair it with some plain heels. You might want to add sparkly heels if you dare the sparkly frenzy.

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Foolproof Tip two {2} 

Just like you would want to cover up most of the sparkly dress, with this tip you want to show a little sparkle. What I mean is wear a sparkly skirt with a plain black top and black heels. The idea is to have some sparkle but not ensure to frighten your MIL.

Another idea would be to wear a black or red dress and add a sparkly blazer complimented with either sparkly shoes or clutch bag.

A July Dreamer secret to Sparkle into Christmas into tip three {3}

Now you’ve tried covering up all the sparkles, and tried adding a little sparkle to your outfit. Now try minimising your sparkles even more by just wearing sparkly makeup on a nice black dress with some colourful heels. I may not be much of a makeup person but I do try during the holidays to give my overall outfit an edge.

Dobby no like sparkles tip four {4}

If all else fails then defy the norm and wear what works for you. I always say when you’re happy inside it will show in whatever you do or wear. Sparkles might not be your thing so why subject yourself to try to fit in when you can make the occasion fit you.

Dobby wants to sparkle into Christmas tip five {5} 

Now for my sparkles lover I say go all out and sparkle to your heart’s content. You can wear that sparkly dress with plain shoes and sparkly clutch bag BUT please don’t add a sparkly blazer too. There is something called overkill and that’s exactly what that is.

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And there you have my fellow fashionistas (in the making or all in my head) my five simple tips. I hope these tips help you to sparkle into Christmas without a sweat. You’re busy enough and the last thing you want is to add clothing shopping or choosing for that impending Christmas party fast approaching.