{Fashion Monday} Winter Holiday Fashion Essentials

Winter Fashion Essentials, a collection of fashion pieces I consider essential for the winter weather. We all feel winter differently, for someone like me anything below 17 degrees is absolutely freezing and I will have my best cardigans out. You wouldn’t be able to miss me because I would be the one dressed like an Eskimo in London.

Those who’ve visited my home always comment on how hot warm my home is, whether it’s summer or winter. You will find my living room way too toasty for some people and my bedroom chilled because I have double duvet and electric blanket.

Winter Holiday Fashion Essentials

Winter Holiday Fashion Essentials

Regular readers know I am heading to Nice, France this Friday and I couldn’t be more happy. Nice is on my travel bucketlist and it’s a place I have been wanting to visit for the longest time. I went to Paris and Disneyland Paris during the summer and I couldn’t get enough of everything french. Though I have absolutely no idea what exactly I will be seeing in Nice, I know once thing for sure I am ready.

As with every holiday, I love to plan in advance and put things together that I will carry with me. Since I am going for a weekend and won’t probably have much time for anything else but sight see I put my favourite together. The weather has taken a turn for the worst so I figured I should add: Gloves, scarf and beanie.

In terms of outfits, I put two together which are easy, comfortable and stylish all in one. I have mentioned many times on the blog the importance of me dressing for comfort before style. Confidence comes from within and when that radiates to the outside, even just wearing knickers, all will look sexy. I truly believe if you’re comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing, you can take on the world.