{2017} Bedroom Wishlist 

2017 Bedroom wishlist, I am compiling a list of items that I would love ever so much to have in my bedroom. When I shared my bedroom wishlist last year, the top item was a wardrobe and it’s still the top item this year too. I am hopeful that 2017 is the year I will be able to get a proper wardrobe for my bedroom. As much as I loved one open wardrobe for the last 2 years, I am so read for a change.


2017 Bed Wishlist

2017 Bedroom Wishlist


I declared when I moved into this apartment almost 2 years ago that I would have an open closet. It has been fun all this time seeing what items I will pick for work without getting out of bed. But that has become a bit tedious, because it’s open I can’t hide things away. I can’t be untied for a day because it doesn’t look nice with the room decor. Seriously I am done, I want a wardrobe! Someone please locate one for me to hide my summer clothes in instead of suitcases.

{Another} Shoe Rack

A few years back I picked up a shoe rack from Lidl sale. It’s a tier rack so I am able to keep more shoes on it but I need more. My shoes are literally spilling out and funny think I wear them all so not willing to part with any.


Currently I am using my old mattress as the headboard thanks to Leesa Mattress who sent me a brand new mattress. I have not managed to flog sell my old mattress yet hence the pain. Though I am used to not having a headboard, I feel like I need one for my sanity.

{Better} Storage Solutions

I need someone to store the extra duvet, pillows and blankets. Right now I am making do with some old storage containers or suitcase but I seriously need something else. Whenever I travel I have to leave somethings on the bed or floor so I can quickly repack it upon my return.


I am thankful for my Leesa Mattress, it’s the best mattress I have ever slept on. But with my current pillows it’s causing me problems. Even I sleep flat on mattress (which I usually do) or rely on old pillow because it helps with body alignment.

Vanity Station

Ok, yes I have a chest of drawers where I keep my beauty products but I feel vanity Station is way much better. A girl needs to have a little corner for her items, whether it’s a makeshift vanity station or not.

That’s all for my 2017 bedroom wishlist, this year I am hopefully I will check these items