2017 Yearly Goals ~New Beginnings

2017 yearly goals, like 2015 and 2016 I will detail goals for the year to-be reviewed monthly and quarterly. This year I have three major goals that I need to achieve and continue to work on. My mother always says in life you should have clear and defined priorities. I thought I had priorities but in all honest I had them on the mouth than anything else. I have been thinking a lot about goals the last few days as I also need to set SMART goals for work too. It’s been extremely stressful time trying to think of SMART goals to set for work, I am still thinking about them. But the blog and personal life it seems to be easier to put these goals together.

2017 yearly goals

Jan – Mar ~ New Beginnings

  • Travel – though this year travel wont be as much as 2016, I want to continue traveling. The idea for the first quarter is to book 3 trips either abroad or home.
  • Saving (Mortgage) – I have been renting apartments/flats since I left home for university. 2017 is the year I would like to attempt getting on the first-time home buyer ladder.
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – As much as I live for the now, it’s important to have something to fall back on. Nothing like having hard times and not having anything to keep you ticking over except to borrow.

Apr – Jun ~ Half way there

  • Travel – book another 3 trips either home or abroad
  • Saving (Mortgage) – save 10% of the deposit target
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – save at least £1k
  • Finish and pass first year of post grad course

July – Sep ~ 2nd Half

  • Travel – finnish 30B430 travel bucketlist
  • Saving (Mortgage) – save up to 20% of deposit target
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – added another £500
  • Start second year of post grad

Oct – Dec ~ End of year

  • Travel ~ book the last three trips home or abroad
  • Saving (Mortgage) – have the target mortgage deposit for first house
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – end year with £2k in savings

I believe these goals are SMART and achievable, how easy only time will tell. As 2017 starts, I have high hopes and still leave it all in the Lord’s hands.

Trust the Lord, and he shall direct your path.

Happy New Year!!