{Fashion Monday} Black on Black 

Black on black is one of my favourite ways to style an outfit especially in this weather. Many of us gravitate towards darker colours in winter and mostly likely its to match the mood of the season. Though I love to add some colour or a pop of colour I still love my black on black, it’s always a winner. Recently I shared how to wear a leather jacket, that was a perfect example of a black on black outfit. I was able to pair my favourite ripped Jeans, light grey canvas and striped black/white shirt on a black leather jacket. The outfit worked because of the minimal colours that I added on.

Black on Black

{Fashion Monday} Black on Black 

When I started thinking about sharing this outfit, I wanted something real simple and replicable. As I am a huge advocate of using what’s in your closet, I did exactly that with this outfit idea. I looked in my closet and knew this outfit would work for many because most of us have these items. Another thing I needed to consider was the current season we are in, ❄️ winter.

Going back to my wardrobe I picked my grey heart jumper then paired that with skinny black Jeans. To continue with the theme, I paired with the black ankle boots from Brantano and black leather jacket. Now I do love my black on black ensemble but as a lover of everything red I needed to add a little. I decided to finish the look with my red lipstick but you can use another colour if red is not your thing. Another minimal items added was the red nail polish, for me red brings out the best in an outfit.

And that’s my take on the black on black outfit idea, how would you style this theme?