January Fashion Wishlist 

January Fashion Wishlist is a collaborative post.

January Fashion Wishlist 

Wishlist: Thick Socks, long belted coat, warm pajamas, beanie, gloves, jumpers

January Fashion Wishlist

Regular readers of this blog know how much I love sharing fashion outfit ideas and a few ootd’s. Though I do not share a lot of ootd posts with me in them, I still love trying and sharing. For me fashion is not defined or constrained to what we see in magazines, or the models in the media. Fashion to be is about putting on an outfit that makes me happy, a comfortable yet stylish outfit. I do not dress in designer clothes, one can dream but that shouldn’t limit anyone when it comes to Fashion.

When I was creating this January Fashion Wishlist, I looked into my closet and thought; what do I need. I am not a fan of layering but with the current weather conditions, I have learnt to Embrace the season. It has certainly not been easy but one must learn to adapt or learn to change when necessary. There are times when it is best to change some old habits and adopt new ones.

Embrace the season

Whilst embracing the season, my first order of business was to purchase a long belted coat from New Look. I have another one in the closet but I needed a second pair in another colour. Until recently I felt inclined to add another long-belted coat to my wishlist. The weather has been particularly nasty lately and as someone who isn’t a fan of tights, my toes have been freezing. I added thick socks to as well as some gloves and a new beanie to replace the one I lost.

Now I don’t know about you but for me my bedroom is my sanctuary. Every night I praise the gods when I lay down for the night for the miracle that is my mattress. I can not go without is my favourite and warm pajamas which are the best bedroom fashion ever. When I am packing for my trips the first item I pack is my pajama set then my passport . You can tell I have my priorities straight up!!

Another item that I need in my wardrobe are jumpers, I have no clue what happened to them. I used to have a collection of them and now I am only left with two. One I bought from Zara,and its the warmest I own then a second from primark and it’s cute.  Jumpers are always the best layering items one can pose in their closet. When you wear a jumper in winter, then your coat not much layering is required a good thing for me. And that’s how my January Fashion Wishlist took shape and now I am thinking of adding more.

Stay Safe

And the items mentioned above, made my January Fashion Wishlist and now I need hot chocolate. I don’t know about where you are but Oxfordshire is definitely colder this January than any other time. Stay safe in such adverse weather conditions, snow is forecasted for this weekend so stock up on food and water.