{Fashion Monday} Men’s Fashion 

Men’s Fashion is not something that I have shared loads on A July Dreamer. I mostly share fashion ideas for the ladies as that’s something I can personally relate to but with Men’s Fashion, I can only admire. There is nothing wrong with just admiring, my friends will tell you I can admire something up and down until outta sight. When I put together Fashionable He (gift Guide) and quickly followed with a feature Brantano footwear, I got a taste of Men’s Fashion. There are three facts about fashionably dressed men that I like:

  • I love ❤️ a man in a suit, FACT!
  • Smartly and cleanly dressed men are my Achilles heels, FACT!
  • I don’t mind a man who Stands Out, also FACT!

*Disclaimer: This is not about a man’s character because if it sucks he sucks too. I don’t care how gorgeously dressed he is, lasting impressions are always attitude and character *


Men's Fashion

Now that we’ve got that bit out-of-the-way, let’s get back to Men’s fashion. 

{Fashion Monday} Men’s Fashion

I have been playing around on my mood boards with men’s fashion ideas. Prior to dating I was never too keen on men’s fashion but years later when I started dating it was paramount. There is something about a gorgeous dressed man who has me weak on the knees. My first real boyfriend used to knock-out it out the park with his fashion sense. There was no hair out-of-place, his shows were always polished and he smelt great. I always felt as though I fell in love with him every time I saw his because of his fashion sense.

Another people I have come to admire lately is my brother! boy does he know how to dress. For this post I have based the men’s fashion ideas on him because this is how he dresses. He is more of a smart casual dresser than an all formal dresser but he looks great in formal wear too. They say men’s fashion is easy, so long as it’s clean and fits then it’s alright. But I think it’s also nice to know what type of dresser you should be, formal, casual or smart casual? Once a man knows what looks best on them, they will wear that to the ground and in most respects it’s good.

What kind of dresser is the man/men in your life? What’s your thought’s on men’s fashion?