{Fashion Monday} Simple yet Stylish

Simple yet stylish (in humble opinion) is the definition of my latest ootd. I recently attended a concert in Birmingham at the O2 arena and this is the outfit I rocked. Y’all know my love for sharing simple yet stylish and easy to wear outfits so this should come as no surprise.

Another thing I should share is my love of recreating outfits with staple closet items. In my closet the staple items are: ripped jeans, leather jacket and camisoles. If you look at many of my fashion posts you will notice the regular appearance of my ripped jeans. Not forgetting the leather jacket which I featured in Chilling with Maud and Black ok Black outfits.

Simple Yet Stylish 

I must confess what I consider simple yet stylish might not be the same as your definition so bear with me. As I always mention on the blog, we all have our own style none is right and none is wrong. The reasons why I think my outfit fits the simple yet stylish category is because:

  • Pairing a leather jacket, skinny jeans and heels is always a hit.
  • I used simple colours which anyone can pull off
  • This style never goes out of fashion
  • Can be worn anywhere and everywhere, from chasing your toddler at the pack to date night.
  • And I looked good if I do say so myself

The items in this outfit can be found in 90% of people’s closets; black skinny jeans and black leather are staples. I am sure everyone has a white top and heels and that completes this outfit. If you don’t own any of these items you can purchase them at the following links:

New Look: Skinny Jeans| New Look: Leather jacket| H&M: White top| Brantano: Ankle Boots| Primark: accessories.

What do you think of my outfit? Is it something you would wear?


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  1. Sara
    February 2, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    I love your style, it is definitely simple and totally stylish. I love the skinny jeans so much!

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