{A July Dreamer} Social Media Goals {Yearly}

Social medial goals are something I have always wanted to do but never actually tried to put together. When I started blogging I focused on producing content (quality or not) and a bit of getting my numbers up. Then I leant a little about blogging, bought my domain and started again on some social media platforms. Part of my January goals is to put together Social media goals for the year. This year I am planning on putting some effort into increasing my social media reach. social media goals

I have never set social media goals before but I do have an idea of the numbers that I am looking for. How I am going to achieve those numbers is a mistory to me but I shall certainly try what I know. If it doesn’t work then I intend to read some books on blogging and social media.  I have been blogging for almost 4 years and not once read a ‘how-to’ blogging book. Yes I have read posts sharing how they achieved this and that but none has worked for me. Hence why I thought it is best if I did my own thing and see what works.

Social Media Goals

Twitter —> Currently 2,506                             Target —> 5,000

Pinterest –> Currently 643                               Target —> 1, 000

Facebook –> Currently 1,595                           Target –> 3,000

Instagram –> Currently 1,357                          Target –> 2000

When it comes to setting goals, I try not to be too over optimistic about them. I always aim for something smart and achievable. I think with every goals set, if you work hard enough they can be achieved especially if you’re consistent. As mentioned already, I have no specific plan to on how achieve these social media goals I am still thinking. But will start with the basics

  • Follow for Follow hashtags
  • Join follow threads in Facebook groups
  • Participate in blogger giveaway buy-ins
  • Follow other bloggers in similar niche and interact with them.

Do you have any social media goals for 2017? Do you have any tips on how to growth social media goals? Please share then in the comments below, even leaving your post links if you’ve written something about them.