• Five Things Week 16

    Five things week 16, I can not believe I have been sharing this series for 16 weeks, how time flies. I remember when and why I started this series, I also mentioned how bad I am at following through with series. Definitely proud that I stuck with it for so long and still happy to continue. There is one slight change this week and that is, I have moved this post from its normal day Saturday to Sunday. Moving Forward this post series will be shared on Sundays. Now before we continue with Five things week 16, let’s see how I did in week 15.

    Five Things week 16

    Five Things last week

    • Create a tracker for VA’s that I have hired to keep tracker of whose doing what and duration. Done
    • Create and Schedule posts for next week to keep me time to focus on work. Failed, only managed Monday – Tuesday
    • Attend gym classes Monday – Thursday. Failed, cancelled all
    • Travel to my parents once licence gets back all corrected. Postponed, licence has not arrived.
    • Time allocation so I can do and submit my university assignment and get my work done. Partial success

    Five Great Things to Happen

    • Friday, submitted my assignment with only hours to spare
    • Thursday, had a lovely send off for my assistant
    • Thursday, had an amazing appraisal at work this pleased me greatly
    • Found a VA to help with the blog, she has been wonderful so far
    • Well, I am still alive that’s a great thing to happen lol.

    Five Things that sucked

    • Mother nature has some bad timing but I can not complain this time. Though this week was busy, next week will be even busier.
    • My assistant of 18 months resigned, I am falling to pieces as she was a really good one
    • Stressed about the assignment but glad I finally managed to hand it in
    • The cough and cold finally caught up with me, feeling much better now
    • Run out of special pain killers, now I need to find new ones.

    Five Things for next week

    • Schedule posts for Monday – Saturday
    • Attend post grad classes Wednesday – Thursday
    • Travel to Southampton Tuesday – Thursday
    • Collect the car if licence arrives and finally buy car insurance
    • Consolidate the Budapest itinerary

    And that’s all for the Five Things week 16, how was your week?


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