Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routine differs between individuals and situations, this post comes with a disclaimer; make your own bedtime routine. Prior to having a bedtime routine I struggled hugely with getting up in the morning and doing these 10 things. As a self-declared insomniac I used to get up several times a night sometimes only getting an hour worth of sleep. This caused me to be real grumpy in the mornings and often would prefer to be left alone. Setting a night routine can make a huge difference in people’s lives.


Recently I shared 10 things to do before 10am and how you can achieve that. Today I am sharing a bedtime routine that has helped me enjoy a good night’s sleep. For those with kids I salute you for even attempting a routine for yourselves.


{MY} Bedtime Routine 

As mentioned above, having a night routine has really improved my quality of sleep. It has also improved how I feel in the morning and helps me get off bed without much complaint.

Set an Alarm {for when to sleep} 

Setting an alarm is your best thing to start off your night routine. I set an alarm for when I should drop everything and go to bed. It sounds weird to set alarm for bed instead of for waking up.

10 things to do before 10am 



Cleaning and Writing 

I normally finish work around 4.30 and home by 5/5.30, then I continue to work until 20.30/21.00. After this I set an alarm to be in bed by 11pm meaning I have two hours to clean my home, do my blogging and review my to-do list. There are days when I don’t have to work until 9pm and will set an alarm to sleep by 10pm.

Take a shower 🚿 or bath 🛀 

Having a bath or shower before bed helps finalize my day and I sleep fresh and relaxed. I know some friends who complain a shower only wakes them up even more so they don’t shower before bed. For me it’s a difficult concept to digest but we are all different, I know personally it’s better to shower than not. I take pleasure in using relaxing oils or shower creams like lavender certainly sends me to bed faster.

Nightly Face Routine

Cleansing my face before bed is a huge part of my bedtime routine. I take pride in looking after my skin and ensuring I have cleansed it thoroughly. Though I do wish I did take the same pride in caring for my inside.

bedtime routine

Meditate and relax your mind 

This is easier said than done and most days I practically collapse in bed after my shower. But on days when I am tired but not sleepy I meditate and sometimes just listening to relaxing music helps. Others would do bedtime yoga which are also great for relaxing and sending you to sleep fast.


This is easier if you’re one of those people who falls asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. I am not one of those people, hence why I need to meditate or count to 100 or something. Because once I am finally in bed my mind starts remembering all the things I forgot which gets on my nerves. Hence why it’s so important for me to have a routine and stick to it. Obviously on holiday some things are skipped (time I sleep) but I practically stick to the routine.

Do you have a bedtime routine?