Tips for keeping Menstrual cramps under control 

Menstrual cramps are medically known as Dysmenorrhea which many women experience before or during that time of the month. Dysmenorrhea differs from woman to woman, where as my sister is almost unaffected by them I on the other hand practically die from them. I come from a culture where you don’t really talk about menstrual cramps, you’re told it’s part of being a woman. Most will go as far as saying just get on with your life as it’s “NOT THAT A BIG DEAL“. If someone ever says that to you slap them silly 😜 even if they “HAVE” experienced it too. But normally it’s the men that say that so  go ahead and slap one for being silly.

menstrual pain

The cause of menstrual cramps 

Anyway before I get completely off track, we might wanna back a bit and explain what causes menstrual cramps. The simple answer is “when your uterus contracts so much that it blocks the near by blood vessels from getting oxygen“. The level of pain is determined by how much the uterus constricted and caused that blockage for. There is two types of Dysmenorrhea primary and secondary, primary is the common menstrual pain most women experience and normally dissipates with age. Secondary Dysmenorrhea is caused by problems with the female reproductive system.

How to keep your cramps under control 

Whilst there are many tips for keeping cramps under control I thought I share how I keep them under control. Like many women I suffer greatly with bad cramps that they paralyze me big time. The pain I go through monthly varies, sometimes its pain for 7 days straight and other times it’s just two days. I have no idea of knowing which I will be getting in when, pain for 7 or 2 days. This does make it hard to plan things around that time because I either will be totally on the floor crying or pain medication will do. With that in mind, here is how I keep my cramps under control.

Hot water bottle 

There is nothing I love more than my hot water bottle during that time of the month. Not only does it keep me warm, it sates my body so well that I can afford to fall sleep. The pain I experience is so much that even falling asleep is not possible and during those times I wish to faint. But as luck would have it I need to feel all that pain, but thanks to a nice hot water bottle it lessens the pain.


I was introduced to this awesome pain-killer last year by my previous boss and God I thank her daily. This is one pain-killer that you should only take for 3 days and no more due to addiction issues. Normally I don’t need it for the whole three days sometimes one is enough but wow. It’s a miracle worker for me, I can take it in the morning and won’t need another dose almost until bed time. If you’ve tried all pain killers and none is doing the trick, ask your doctor or pharmacist about trying Paramol.

Heating pad 

Like a water bottle heat pads are God sent, the beauty is that you can walk with them everywhere. Unlike water bottles which are only socially acceptable at home. With heat pads I can even go to work but Not all heating pads are created equal. But they all have one goal, pain relief for varies things including menstrual cramps. Another awesome think you can sleep with them on, I prefer to use mine on my back or lower abdomen.


Yes Yoga, yoga that focus entirely on relieving period pain and let the bad chi flow out. I recently found a few nice yoga moves on Pinterest and now I can’t get enough. All the yoga moves are simple and can be done in bed if you don’t want to use the floor.

And there you have it, this is how I *try to keep my menstrual cramps* under control. Ladies! Share your tips.