Importance of staying safe whilst traveling

Staying safe whilst traveling is one of the most important things to plan for before traveling anywhere. It’s doesn’t matter if the destination is the safest in the world or the most dangerous, safety is paramount. I feel it also doesn’t matter if you’ve visited the destination many times or it’s the first time. It is important to always think of your safety {solo travelers} and others when traveling in groups.

safety whilst traveling

I have talked about home safety for when you travel and shared my tips of conquering FOBA. But I have rarely spoken about staying safe whilst exploring the world. I have however spoken about solo traveling consider airport transfers as a safety mention. What I should have included is having health insurance and if that fails knowing holiday sickness solicitors.

Importance of staying safe whilst traveling

I have been very fortunate that in all my travels I haven’t experienced any accidents or dangers whilst traveling. This is not to stay they haven’t happened near me or they have never happened at all. Personally I am a strong believe in taking precautions and sometimes scary my friends in how overly cautious I can be.

For me when I travel, I always ensure I have adiquate travel insurance and mine is through my bank. As much as I love traveling I also know that unfortunate things can happen whilst far away from home. But what is one todo when you find yourself in that situation, most of us would just panic. A survey of 600 people found that over 50% of us wouldn’t know what to do, that’s a scary thought. Even more scary is that 80% of people just don’t bother to think about making claims should the worst happen.

If you found yourself in the 40% of people who go on holiday care-free with no holiday insurance, what would you do? Even worse you’re part of the 20% who suffered an incident abroad, I think it’s important to know your rights. To also not be the 38% of 18-24 care-free souls who travel without insurance when traveling abroad.