Tips on conquering the Fear Of Being Away #FOBA

#FOBA aka Fear Of Being Away is one of those terms that has recently become very popular. We all have concerns when we are away from our beloved homes either on holiday or working away for extended periods of time. For someone (mwah) who is constantly traveling every chance I get, it would come across as surprising to think I ‘suffer’ from FOBA. I am always thinking, did I turn my stove off, switch of my slow cooker or shut my door properly and so on.


I love to travel more than I ever thought possible, I am always on a hunt for the next deal, I have alerts set up for bucketlist travel destinations and I am constantly checking how I can best utilise my weekends. But in spite of me having such a huge love for travel, I also have a huge case of FOBA.

Fear Of Being Away happens to all of us, most of us are worried about our homes and the contents we’ve spent our hard-earned cash on (or even worse, pay later plans we have in place for some of our homely contents). Ever since I moved into my apartment over a year ago and had to purchase everything myself, I realised the importance of always ensuring I have checked my home security before I leave my apartment.

When I was living with my parents, I never really put much thought into the security of our family home outside locking the door on my way out. Living on my own has made me realise just how much I took for granted when I was living with my parents.

If you have the same case of FOBA as I do, here are a few tips that you can implement to ensure your home is safe whilst you’re away.

Ask your neighbor to be on the lookout

I know this day and age, not everyone is ‘social’ with their neighbours nor even know who there neighbours are but if you’re then it’s good idea to ask them to be on the look out for suspicious people on your property. You don’t have to give your neighbour your house keys just now and again looking out there window across to hour property is enough.

Ensure you lock all windows and doors

I live on the top floor and I know many people who think living on top floor or having a terraced out you can leave the Windows upstairs open is ok, it is NOT. Always ensure that you lock all windows and doors and double-check them before living.

Install home security system 

There are so many home systems on the market now we are all spoilt for choose. My brother and his family have a home system which they are diligent about turning on before they leave the house but as I said the home system is only good if you ensure you have locked all windows and doors so it is engaged. Many companies like Panasonic offer home systems that helps ease your mind whilst away. Check out this video of Dave, the Dog put together by Panasonic.

DAVE IS BACK… and this time he’s on holiday! His owners have gone away and left him in charge of the house. But thanks to them installing the Panasonic Smart Home, an easy to install and operate home monitoring system that protects your property in minutes, DAVE too can have a vacation… So now we can all have a carefree Summer chilling on the beach in Marbella or sipping cocktails in Vancouver without any FOBA (Fear Of Being Away) thanks to Panasonic’s super smart home security system

Switch a light on when away 

This might seem odd and a waste of electricity but you would be surprised how often a thief is deterred if you’ve kept your light on because it gives the illusion that someone is home. If your home is all dark for the entire period you’re away, it’s easier for thieves to target your home and steal from you.

Ask family to check in 

Just like asking your neighbours to be on the look out, you can also ask family members if they don’t live too far off. If you will be away for more than a week and you don’t have security seem it makes sense to make use of your family as well as neighbours. I know some people register for house sitters so that could be another way you could protect your home.

These are the tips that I use to ensure that I keep FOBA at bay whilst I travel across the globe. What are some of your tips that you use to ensure you protect your home and enjoy your time away?