The Best Things to Do in Cyprus for First Time Visitors

The best things to do in Cyprus for first time visitors are many but also depend on what time of vacation you’re after. I am never one to sit down in one place, I love exploring the land and experience the culture. In today’s post I aim to share with you what I think are the best things to do in Cyprus for first time visitors.

best things to do in cyprus

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea lying to the north of Egypt, southeast of Greece and norther of Israel. Cyprus has three international airports: Pafos, Limassol and Larnaca international. The country has no railway station so your kids of transport is: private taxi, hire a car or public transport. I have tried all three and I would recommend either hire a car or use private taxi because public transport isn’t always dependable.

What are The Best Things to do in Cyprus for First Time Visitors?

This question is subjective, and depends on what time of vacationer you are. Cyprus will offer you both lazy on the beach days and explore the entire island. Cyprus is a small island and in about 4 days you can explore the entire island. As I am someone who never likes to just sit and do nothing, I choose to explore the Island and visit the major cities.

Explore Larnaca

Part of the Cyprus itinerary was to spend some time exploring parts of Larnaca which were of great interest to me. There are many places to explore in Larnaca including Church of saint Lazarus where it’s believed Lazarus was buried. One of the most favourite places is the Salt Lake where thousands of pink flamingos gather every winter. Another possibly amazing place to visit is Hala Sultan Tekke, a Muslim shrine on the banks of the Salt Lake.

Explore Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus also known as Lefkosia, it is an hour away by bus from Larnaca. The capital is home to Classic Motorcycle Museum with a collection of over a 150 different motorcycles. The famous Famagusta gate is located in Nicosia but in all honesty it isn’t much to look at. To get a bird’s-eye view of Nicosia, the best place to visit is the observatory located in the old town.

Explore Limassol

It would be deceitful of me if I told you what you can do and explore in Limassol when all I did was walk the beach. I feel it’s one of the most beautiful towns second to Pafos in Cyprus and even has such an awesome beach. One thing you can rely on it having great views wherever you’re in Limassol along the cost. There is an abundance of amazing shops and even awesome shopping mall.

Explore Pafos (or Paphos)

Pafos did not give off the best first impressions due to the redevelopment of most areas in the city. But it sure did give a great end to an amazing visit to this Mediterranean city on the southwest coast of Cyprus. With such an incredible driving into the city from Limassol (2 hours on the bus), the coastline was absolutely breathtaking. Pafos certainly has amazing beaches but even more captivating outside Coral beach and tourist area was the tomb of kings.

Where to stay in Cyprus

Cyprus has no shortage of varied accommodation options. They have you covered with hotels, resorts, private villas to backpacked hostels. Dependent on what you choose, majority of places will either be right on the beach front or a short walk away.

Weather in Cyprus

Like most Mediterranean islands, the weather is mostly sunny but does experience a change in season.

Climate: subtropical-Mediterranean climate; heatwaves possible Jul–Aug; rainfall mid-Nov–Mar.

Currency in Cyprus


The post is not exhaustive as there are so many Best Things to Do in Cyprus for First Time Visitors.