5 Ideas to Fund your next Getaway 

These 5 ideas to fund your next getaway are not for everyone, if you have a good relationship with money then this is for you. I say this because as someone whose now debt free, there is no point in taking up these ideas if you can not afford to repay.

Many of us dream of visiting many places on planet earth but are limited by the currency called money. There are those of us who dream of just visiting one place and that would be enough. Then there are those of us who want to visit all the countries in the world. We fall short on that dream because of; family commitments, circumstances or money for some all of the above.

Recently I had a conversation with my cousin which went like: who funds your travels? It took me by surprise because it’s not something I often get asked by people. Sure I get asked “how I manage to travel so often” but never WHO funds my travels. I laughed for a good while before I answered her simply, ME, I fund my own travels. Its something I have been doing since I took up  traveling  over two years ago. I am truly fortunate to be in a position where I EARN something from the blog and have a good paying job. But like everyone, there are times when I use these 5 ideas to fund your next getaway.

5 ideas to fund your next getaway #borrow

Credit cards are these magical cards that spit money out like it won’t end and bite you in the butt. I say this with great {bad} experience hence why I mentioned you need to have a good relationship with money. I taught myself a valuable lesson, never spend what you don’t have or can’t afford to pay back. Recently I was in Stockholm and everyone knows Scandinavian countries are expensive. I spent just over €300 in 3 days on my credit card, I won’t say I needed everything I used it on. But what I did was payback in full before the credit card company had time to process the charges. Normally I don’t use my credit card for anything but this particular card has no fees when used abroad so I use it then.

Short-term or { Payday loans} can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good thing if you’re in need of a quick fix me up amount to payback {in full} come payday. You need to ensure you borrow from reputable company with reasonable interest rates and repay in full. When I was younger I miss used payday loan companies and that left a bad taste in my mouth. I am older and wiser and never borrow more than I can return. Using the same principle as the credit card, payback in full even when there is an option to extended payment.

Ideas to fund your next getaway #planing and #saving

Budgeting is a clever way of capturing what is going out and what’s coming in and planning for the future. It’s not something I left at school nor picked up on at home because it was something “the parents did”. No one discussed money until we were in debt from immature spending of money we didn’t have. After I finished university I drew up an excel spreadsheet of everything I owed and what came in. I also meticulously wrote down what I spent on and if I truly needed it. With budgeting you can find out what items should be cut from your spending.

Tightening up the belt follows on from budgeting. Once you’ve done your budgeting but feel you still need more funds then it’s time to look elsewhere. By that I mean, review your budget again and see what you can live without or what you can cut back on. You could swap brands for high street items and being smart about purchases. You could cancel things like the gym, stop ordering in and swap for cooking instead.

Raid your savings if you have them that is. If all else fails or need to top up then raid your savings but be wise about it too. Do you really need to have this getaway {yes you do}, can you cut costs anywhere else {yes}.

These are some of the things you should be considering when thinking of 5 ideas to fund your next getaway.