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It’s been over six weeks since I returned from a girls weekend to Budapest. It was an impromptu journey that I wanted to include in our packed itinerary for my friends visit. A friend had come to visit me at the end of February and we had planned to visit Cyprus. But as I am never one to misuse a moment I included Budapest to our itinerary. It was the best decision ever and though we were limited on time, we made use of it wisely. I still remember the visit like it was yesterday because Budapest truly left that kind of mark on me.

Budapest is Hungary’s capital city and one of Europe’s most underestimated destinations. It’s a city that once you visit {dependent on your view} will leave a lasting impression on you. I will be honest when we arrived it was late afternoon and I was so shuttered we didn’t get to do much. One thing we did do after checking into our hotel was cruising on the Danube River and seeing Budapest at night. It certainly is an experience I will not be forgetting any time soon nor do I wish to. Today I thought I share with you what I considered to be the highlights of Budapest. Budapest is such a beautiful city there is so much to do, all you need is to use your time wisely.

Highlights of Budapest ~ 24hrs in #Budapest 

Citadella is a fortification sitting on the Gellert Hill offering panoramic views of Budapest and it’s eight bridges. The Citadel offers much history in its walls ranging from Austro-Hungarian coalition to Soviet invasion. It was a true honour to visit one of the high points of the city and experience such a view.

St Stephen’s Basilica 

Would you believe that this Roman Catholic Church was literally behind the apartment suit we’d booked? I was totally surprised to find that out and the even more pleasant surprise was the view from the apartment. Whilst it was big a glimpse it was a well worth it one and definitely a beautiful sight. St Stephen’s Basilica is the third largest church in Hungary and was named after the first king of Hungary.

highlights of Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament 

It was easy to see why the Assembly of Parliament is the most popular tourist destinations in Budapest. It’s spectacularly beautiful during the day but even more so at night. Sitting on the banks of the Danube River, it’s the largest building in Hungary as well as the tallest in Budapest. I could have been happily sat across the Danube staring at the oldest parliamentary buildings in Europe.

The Chain Bridge 

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is a modern engineering wonder opened in 1849 which spans the River Danube connecting Buda and Pest. I got the opportunity to view the bridge both at night and during the day, and let me just say it’s better at night. All the lighting made all the difference and whilst its beautiful during the day, it’s even better at night. The suspension bridge is an iconic structure in Budapest and has contributed to the vast improvement of Budapest’s economy.

Royal Palace or Buda Castle

In 1987 the Castle was declared a heritage site, Buda Castle or Royal Palace as it is known is an impressive place to explore. I had the pleasure of seeing it both at night and during the day and let me just say it’s spectacular. Whilst I do not know much about Buda Castle I found reading this page interesting.

One of the many highlights of Budapest was visiting the Lukács Thermal Bath where we spent over 5 hours. I say it was a highlight of our visit because it was just everything we wanted and more. I know many people speak of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath but I can assure you Lukács Thermal Bath is just as amazing.

If you’ve visited Budapest before, what would you have included in your highlights of Budapest?


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  1. Adriana
    April 17, 2017 / 9:23 pm

    I’m dying to visit Budapest! I just want to travel everywhere haha – gorgeous pictures, making me want to go!!!

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