{Featured Brand} Jacamo Men’s Fashion #casualwear

men's fashion

Minimal in design, the Men’s Nike Downshifter 7 Running Shoe is made of lightweight, single-layer mesh and soft foam beneath the foot for revolutionary comfort. Upper: textile/other materials. Lining and sock: textile. Sole: other materials. Product available in sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Available in: Red

Jacamo Men’s Fashion #casualwear

Earlier this week I introduced Jacamo, the one stop online shop for men’s Fashion which is affordable and fashionable. My father went for the formal look in purchasing these gorgeous formal brogues shoes. Whilst my brother trendy Nike trainers for his daily morning runs and these where perfect. Initially he wanted the black because he never dated other colours but his glad I made him choose the red trainers. First thing he mentioned when I asked about the trainers was how comfortable they are. For the last year or more my brother has really gotten into his running and these were just so perfect for him.

Jacamo as previously mentioned not only has affordable and fashionable men’s Fashion it has something for everyone. Take my brother and dad for example, they are two totally different individuals where fashion is concerned. My brother is the more up-to date and trendy young man and my father, well forgive me dad, not so fashionable. I feel I take my father’s light approach when it comes to fashion, it has to be comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that and like me he has more fashion misses than hits. 🤣🙈😂

men's fashion

Ethical Trading Initiative

With making fun of my own dad, its good to learn Jacamo is part of the ethical trading initiative {ETI}. Jacamo is proud to work with suppliers who provide the safe working environment for those making the  clothing. I think any company which is part of the ETI and makes it part of its core code of conduct is a company worse investing in.

Checking out the website, I found it easy to use and find items. You can search for items if you know what you’re looking for or use the menu options available. Shipping of products seems to be fairly quick and easy, for £3.99 you can request next day delivery. You could request delivery on nominated day or you can click and collect at your nearest store. Which I think is definitely practical especially if you find it more convenient to collect than pay for delivery.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, we chose these trainers in exchange for an inclusion in A July Dreamer post. All opinions and images are our own, please see our disclosure policy for further information.

  • You’re most welcome.

  • Hope yo do, Jacamo caters to men and his parent company JD walliams to women

  • I like them. This color is perfect for any outfit. I think my husband need them or even myself. I hope they still have some in our size.

    • JD Williams will have something for you I am sure and bet your hubby would love these too

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I will be taking a look at Jacamo. It’s time to update my husbands holiday wardrobe, and I always struggle with where to get the right style for him

    • I bet he will love the items from Jacamo as they have styles to suit everyone

  • I really like brands that ethical in their practices, makes you want to support them even more. I love the color on these, a nice break from black.

    • Exactly my sentiments

  • I think it’s brilliant to work with brands that are part of the ethical trading initiative. I never knew much about Jacamo, but will definitely have a look.

    • It sure is important and Jacamo has definitely climbed ladders in my books because of ETI

  • Mars

    Nice color. Love this pair.

  • Mihaela Drăgan

    I always admired men who courageosly wear colours. I think these running shoes are perfect and might also boost the motivation level.

    • Exactly my thinking and my brother definitely embraces colour in his closet

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    I think it’s good that you steered him toward the red runners instead of the black. It’s always good to mix things up a bit and these look so cool!

    • I think so too Fiona, thanks

  • Lorraine

    With Easter and Father’s Day approaching I am sure you will have trending success with sales. Continue to expand your clientele.

    • I am sure Jacamo appreciates that and hopefully the get more sales during the easter period and upcoming Father’s Day

  • Curvylogic.com

    Those shoes are fire! Definitely have to get a pair.

    • They sure are and hope you manage to do just that

  • I will have to check out this online store, my husband and I just dragged my kids to a few stores and it was not worth the effort in the end. I think online shopping may be the way to go until my kids get older!

    • Aww bless you luv, online shops like Jacamo can be life savers as well as time savers

  • My Teen Guide

    Jacamo would be a great place to shop for Fathers Day. It is nice to find businesses like this that cater to men’s fashion. It is so hard to find a gift for the man in your life that you know he’ll love. Thanks for letting me know about Jacamo!

    • You’re most welcome and so true, Jacamo has all the items you need for Father’s Day

  • Heard of jacamo a lot and this seems like a great place to shop for the men in your life! Stylish!

    • Very stylish indeed and worth it too

  • Amanda Love

    I didn’t know they sell sneakers as well. It definitely is a great site if you’re shoe shopping for the men in your life. I have two sons and I could really use this site for shopping.

    • Hope you manage to get something for your sons

  • Stephanie

    This sounds like a really cool online store, especially as they are part of the ETI xx

    • It sure is Stephanie

  • Debra Hawkins

    I love that they are part of ETI. It is really important to me to buy items that are ethically made!

    • Same here, definitely made me happy

  • It’s so great to read that Jacamo are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, I wish more brands would commit to it as it’s such an important move and I agree that a company like that is definitely worth investing in.

    • Exactly, it would be great knowing I am supporting and buying from a company that treats all it’s workers (from makers to sellers) right

  • It’s good to see they’re part of the ETI. Ethical practices when it comes to clothing is really important to me.

    • It is important to me too and a shame that some of our favourite brands don’t participate and are now losing customers

  • Stephanay Jnote

    I love a place where you can shop for not just you but for others who may have different senses of fashion all at one place. Definitely a good place to consider shopping.

    • It’s a great place for men’s fashion that’s for sure and both my brother and daddy love the shoes they got

  • Sarahjane

    I’ve heard so much about jacamo although I don’t tend to buy men’s clothing very often. Love the trainers!

    • Same here but when I can for the men in my life I do

  • David Elliott

    Those shoes are so red. I am not sure that I would go with them, but it’s awesome that your brother ended up liking the shoes.

    • Yeah I think the camera makes them redder but they actually look really great

  • Fab, thanks for the discovery! I always try to purchase from ethical sources and I love to see that more and more retails are following that route too. <3

    • I am glad to introduce Amélie

  • J Shan Trice

    Very sleek and well made show! I love Nike’s so I am a bit partial! I wonder if they have a female version of these.

    • Jacamo is only men’s fashion but JD Williams (the mother company) has female clothing

  • Živilė Dap

    Don’t know why but I’m obsessed with Red Sneakers on both sexes! And I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’ll check it out to find something for my hubby!

    • Red is such a great colour for both sexes and hope you find something for your hubby

  • I have never heard of Jacamo before, but the colors are awesome! These would be great for walking in.

    • My brother is enjoying them for his morning runs

  • Amy

    Those trainers look really comfortable. I’ve heard loads of good things about Jacamo. I’m glad there is a great option available for men.

    • Glad to hear it, I had seen the ads and now glad to say they truly have great products

  • Pam W

    It can be hard to find places to shop that aren’t just sweatshops. I like that Jacamo has the ETI

    • It truly is hard these days for companies not to use sweatshops to meet demands etc but being part of the ETI is a start

  • amer

    I can see my husband wearing those shoes. He loves that kind of style and nice bright colors.

    • Nice to hear, so I guess you have a place to grab me some trainers lol

  • Jeanette

    Never heard of this place before but I definitely could use some ideas for some men’s fashions for my husband. Those shoes are definitely a nice red color. My husband is a very creative guy I bet he’s like something like that.

    • Awww I bet it would love these then

  • Candy Kage

    These shoes look really nice. I don’t know that much about these types of shoes always let my sons tell the great brands and what to look for, they always seem to be on top of everything.

    • Kids these days know which brand is rated tops and which are not

  • Ola Broom

    I like these shoes! I’ve never heard of this company before, and would be interested to know if they are here in the US.

    • Not sure if they are in the US but I think they deliver there

  • Alayna

    My dude would love these. He keeps buying me high tops and telling me I need to “up my sneaker game.” I’m like, “I have a sneaker game?” lol

    • Hahahaha your dude’s gat game, up your sneaker game girl lol

  • Christy Maurer

    I love their ethical trading initiative! My son usually only wears boots and Converse, but I know my nephew would totally love these.

    • It’s good to learn about companies promoting great working standards not sweat shops

  • Briana Marie

    I could so see my brother wearing these shoes. Definitely his style. And he’s a shoe addict. Lol.

    • Ooh men are becoming shoe addicts too these days

  • Alli Smith

    My 20-something-year-old son would love these sneakers. I do believe he has more shoes than I do and he keeps them spotless.

    • Oh wow for real? Good for him

  • I love these sneakers. What a great color. My husband would probably wear these. He can get rather picky at times.

    • Hahaha sounds like my dad at times and brother at others

  • Shilpa Bindlish

    That’s a vibrant color for the trainers. Looking so classy yet funky at the same time.

    • I agree and both my brother and I love them