10 Solo Female Travel Tips

“TRAVEL is about the GORGEOUS feeling of teetering in the unknown – unknown”

I have been traveling solo for about 2+ years now so I guess I qualify for solo female traveler badge. Traveling is one luxury I hope never to lose in my lifetime. Because I feel it’s more important to see or visit or place yourself than to always just hear about it. Traveling certainly opens ones mind and broadens ones thinking. But that does not mean it does not have its own dangers. Hence why today I have chosen to share my top 10 solo female travel tips.

I had mentioned in solo travelers consider airport transfer the importance of always being safe. As women we are more vulnerable than men because well some imbecile is always lurking. Safety shouldn’t just be a thing you practice abroad but in everyday life but that’s not to say don’t have fun.

10 Solo Female Travel Tips

10 Solo Female Travel Tips

With that being said, here are some of my 10 solo female travel tips that I practice when I travel. Regardless of whether I am traveling alone or with other people I implement these tips as well.

#1 – Electronic and Paper copies ~ Travel Documents and Money

Whenever I travel I change a small amount of money for my destination. I ensure I check the hotel or hostel preference for settling bills etc whether card or cash is required. Similar thing for travel documents, I have airline apps so I can have electronic ticket but I like to print a copy for unforeseen eventualities.

#2 – Travel with empty bottle

Anyone who travels loads knows you always end up buying water wherever you go. Some hotels and hostels offer water coolers so makes sense to have spare bottle to stock up and save money.

#3 – Be insured 

It’s crazy to think how many people chance it when traveling abroad and not purchasing travel insurance. Personally I think it’s a risky move but that’s just the cautious in me. A few years ago I upgraded my account with NatWest to get one which not only had travel insurance but breakdown cover too. The account offers many other benefits which I don’t use all the time but 90% I do.

#4 – Always think of #1 

No not the first tip above but #1 is you! Your safety before anyone else is more important. It pays to research where you’re going and how you will be moving around than going in dark. I will admit for most of Europe I do minimal research because most are like the UK but research nonetheless.

#5 – Tell someone where you are 

If something ever happened whilst abroad it would be wise that someone knows if they don’t hear from you for so long. I always message my family what’s app group and also always check in on my Facebook so people know where I am. This is mostly because we don’t get stamps in our passports anymore but for family too.

#6 – Research your accommodation 

If you’re going to be staying in a hotel throughout the duration of your visit then certain things will be there anyway. Things like towels, shower gels etc which means you don’t need to pack those items. You still can if you want but it helps to check and see where you can save space and money.

#7 – Research your destination

This is a no brainer but a nice to be reminded of kind of tip. I randomly google up places I want to visit and use trip advisor lots for ideas. Also I check with fellow bloggers especially those who’ve been or just returned from same destination. It pays to know what to do in a foreign land and what to avoid.

#8 – Respect the culture 

There is nothing I despise more than people who don’t respect culture of the country they are a guest in. Some people want people and culture to conform to them and not them adapting. Always respect the culture of the land otherwise you might get into trouble.

#9 – Portable charger and cables

These are my life line as a blogger I am always on my phone. I have one cable with multiple leads to charge my gadgets and the portable charger itself. It makes it easier to have such a cable so you can charge multiple devices at once. Always pack a universal adapter and USB cables, you can even hook your cable to the tv to charge your phone.

#10 – Be friendly and polite but not too friendly 

As mentioned in respecting local culture it pays to be friendly but first know about the culture. Some being overly friendly could be misconstrued and vice versa. I have made many great friends since I started traveling just because I was nice. Not everyone will like you or want to be your friend but that’s ok.

And there you have it, 10 solo female travel tips. It is always fun and absolutely exhilarating once you get out there and explore the world. I won’t like it can be terrifying too especially the first even 5th time the only difference is each trip teaches you something. It teaches you to be confident, brave and how to manage your anxiety or even shyness. You discover what you’re capable of, when you realize what you’ve accomplished the feeling is second to none.

Go out their fellow warriors and conquer the world ­čîÄ be it solo or in groups. Whatever you do, do not stop traveling!