{Featured Brand} Aura Print – UK Digital Printing Experts

Aura Print Digital, an online printing company with over 16 years experience and experts in the field. The company believes that the customer is king and always adapt with the times and honest feedback from customers. What I love most about Aura Print is that with them there are no hidden fees. During your ordering process you see how much you have to pay and no surprising fees at checkout.

Aura Print

We’re proud of our Yorkshire values. You can expect from us: honesty, integrity, straight talk, hard work, pride, quality and value.

Whilst the company has 16 years experience it was actually started in 2007 as a one man operation. Over the years the company expanded to meet the current demands in the field. The Aura Print team are a mix of experienced, enthusiastic and qualified staff and are currently hiring. {Information correct as of time of publishing this article}.

aura print

UK Digital Printing Experts

A few months back I had a privilege of being chosen to get 250 business cards in exchange for an honest review. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity as I have been in need of them for years now. I used to attend many blog related functions and always resorted to only taking people’s card. All the time I was the one asking fellow bloggers to take my details on a piece of paper. Well no more because the lovely people are Aura Print have sorted me out.

Aura Print Digital print more than just business cards but offer a range of services to meet your needs. They work with companies, organisations and even individuals like yours truly to provide the best service. I was happy to see that some of the companies they have designed products included Waitrose and Pizza-hut. Our clients include the NHS, the University of Huddersfield, Wakefield Wildcats and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Aura Print

The Ordering and Design Process

Ordering is quite simple and can be done in three simple steps after you’ve decided exactly what you want. Get Price –> Choose delivery –> Pay. I will use my ordering experience as an example, we already know I received this gorgeous business cards. One of the most popular types of business cards is “Impakt Coloured Core 800gsm Luxury Business Cards“. To get the price you need to choose your design (single or double-sided, landscape or portrait), colour and paper. For this example the paper is 800gsm, then choose the finishing colour and get your quote. During the ordering process is when you get a chance to upload the art work you want to be used.

Final Thoughts

I do like the cards after all I chose the design and what appears on them. I will confess they are a bit different in texture to other cards, they are thicker. It’s confusing sometime because I always think I have picked two when it’s only one.  It took me a while to realize that they feel different because they are 800gsm and not 300 – 450gsm. Overall I still like them and you too can get to design your very own from Aura Print Digital.