Shopping in Harrods, Dinning in Mango Tree Restaurant 

Everyone knows the iconic Harrods, shop of the rich and the brave {or broke in my case}. I had a yearly tradition of spending my good money in Harrods only one day a year and that was Boxing Day. Harrods would have such incredible sales that mere mortals like me would go in for the kill. Outside that Harrods I fear for me is way above my pay grade but it doesn’t stop me window shopping.

Once you’ve done all your shopping or fainted from the Harrods price tags it’s time to grab a bite of something delicious. Now there are two types of shoppers, those who shop all day and eat later and those who need a mini break. I am the latter, I think after walking mountains I need to refuel before continuing on the climb. If you’re like me and like to refuel and regain your lost energy then I would like to introduce you to Mango Tree. An amazing restaurant nesting in the food court of Harrods laid out in belt sushi style without the conveyor.

mango tree restaurant

Dinning in Mango Tree Restaurant 

Mango Tree is a an award-winning Thai restaurant based in Belgravia and inside Harrods London. The restaurant prides itself in serving the best in authentic Thai cuisine taking the city by storm. The restaurant serves genuine Thai dishes from each of the four main culinary regions: rich and mild dishes from the north, spicy food from the east. The mild dishes are influenced by the Chinese cooking style from the central region. And finally my favourite dish type hot and spicy food from the south.

mango tree

Our reservation for lunch was at 13.00 exactly and we arrived just a few minutes passed due to London traffic. We were immediately greeted by the staff, I informed them who I was and we were guided to our seats. As stated already, the layout of the restaurant is belt sushi style but without the conveyor running around it. It is an open space where you can see the Dim Sum being prepared and other side dishes. I feel that even though the space is small, it’s very quite and Mango Tree has used that to its advantage.

Start off with some Dim Sum

After being seated, the menu was given and explained to us and we thought about what we wanted to order. As my sister has never had Dim Sum before we opted to try the Dim Sum Platter. The platter goes for £39.80 and has 7 pieces of Dim Sum and it comes with Winton soup (clear soup).


mango tree

{lobster & coriander, alaskan king crab & baby spinach, wagyu beef dumpling, vegetarian dumpling, prawn with white truggle oil, XO seafood siu mai and Prawn & chive}.

The Dim Sum platter was really delicious, my sister and I tried different ones and thoroughly enjoyed them all. That fueled our need to now want to try a fried platter which was highly recommended by the staff too.

The fried platter came highly recommended by the staff and we couldn’t agree more once we had it. The platter comes with 8 pieces also costing £39.80 and is accompanied by a bowl of wonton soup.

{Golden phoenix, prawn, aromatic duck & cucumber, chicken spring rolls and lobster popcorn}.

From the fried platter, my utmost favourite was the lobster popcorn and I couldn’t get enough of it. The spring rolls were delicious and very mouth water but I still preferred the Golden Phoenix which was just divine. The texture of the spring rolls was really soft, not chewy and could easily polish off 8 more no issue.

Hydrate for the next course

I must confess I was already feeling full after we polished off the Dim Sum and Fried Platter. Since we arrived the lovely staff had kept us hydrated and our glasses where never empty. For some reason the food court in Harrods was extremely warm meaning water was your friend. And I think the delicious winton soup which had delicious dumplings helped to make me full. But still my sister and I wanted to try another dish that caught our eye, ok it was the ribs that caught our attention.

mango tree

Massaman Nuer {Braised beef short ribs cooked in massaman curry} – £42.00

We didn’t know Massaman was a kind of Thai curry dish we were just excited about the ribs. The staff was very kind and explained what the dish was and what it contained. We eager awaited for the dish to arrive but not before we ordered a hibiscus cocktail and red pinot. Within 5-10 minutes whilst we were nursing the cocktail and pinot, the curry arrived and it was absolutely delicious looking. It is not your typical curry covered in thick sauce but lovely nice cubed pieces.

mango tree

By this point I was totally full and had {almost} no space left to fit food into my belly. Sister dearest took the hint and polished off this plate of ribs like it was going out of fashion. The ribs were really soft, broke off nicely and easily when you bite into it. The sauce was absolutely delicious and the chili just gave this dish another kick. The flavours were not overly intense but definitely left an impression.

To end our lovely experience at Mango Tree Restaurant in Harrods, we ended with some lovely Jasmine Tea. I absolutely love Jasmine tea and always order it if it’s on the drinks menu. It was such a befitting drink as we ended our sister’s lunch date before we left to enjoy the London Sunshine. We had such a lovely experience at Mango Tree Restaurant, the food was delicious, great price and filling. The staff was very attentive to the customers, always within reach but not hovering. The atmosphere and ambiance of the place was calming, romantic and quint in such a busy place. We HIGHLY recommend Mango Tree Restaurant for the best Thai menu ever!!!

We were guest of Mango Tree and received a complimentary meal.Read my sister's review HERE.