5 Safe Driving Tips for New Drivers 

As a fairly new driver myself I am all about knowing safety practices when I am on the road. Just because I have qualified doesn’t mean I know everything I need to all because we are not trained for all eventualities. If you think about it 90% of learners only do it on a dry day no other weather to contend with. That is what we are familiar with and become confident in but then we panic in other weather conditions. I am lucky to have driven in really thick fog (driving test), rainy days and clear days. To ensure I am well prepared for the road, here are some of the safe driving tips I am following.

Safe driving tips for new drivers 

Once you learn to drive you open yourself to a world of many possibilities. The many public transport nuisances and limitations are removed and now you can travel to the next town without crossing 70 villages. Don’t get me wrong I do love the idyllic routes that some buses take but when you’re late it’s not so idyllic anymore. Before are some of my 5 safe driving tips for new drivers that I myself I am following.

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Don’t panic!! 

The day I bought my car I had to say a little prayer to the big man before I left the dealership. With dad following me behind I drove confidently (shook afterwards) home but turning into my road I made a slight blunder (coasting). The made the car swing in so fast I could have hit someone or another car if there was one, luckily there wasn’t. My dad saw that and afterwards told me in a stern voice to never to that again. What he didn’t know is I panicked and almost shit myself driving to manoeuvre that bend. I must confess I hate turning into cul-de-sacs especially when I don’t have clear view of where I am entering.

Drive now, text or call later

There are many times I have seen drivers on their phones and though it’s illegal now some still do it. It looked cool in the movies but it only takes a second to lose concentration and cause an accident. If you need to make or take or call or even text, find a safe place, Park.

Get to know your car

I will confess I still don’t know what all the blinkers on my dashboard are and what they mean. When I collaborated with go-girl back in February I was so happy to have the infographic they had shared. It has honestly been of great help to me as I get to know my car and what everything means. Another thing one needs to know as a new driver is how to check your MOT expiry date. Most of us newer drivers have no clue but it is very important to learn this before we hit the road.

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Drive Alone

As soon as I passed my test on that foggy afternoon I knew I had too much adrenaline pumping. Thankfully the law(??) doesn’t allow for newly qualified to drive immediately after passing the test, according to my instructor. I didn’t drive until a few days later with my dad, where I drove home I felt like a learner. After I got my own car, I drove home and it was exciting and nerve-racking. It’s advisable to only start taking passengers once you’re truly comfortable as passengers can be distractions.

Practice!! practice 

The day after I got my car I got up around 5am with barely any cars on the road. It was a great feeling driving around, teaching myself through practice what to do when. Confession! I missed all my turns, when I said ok I will turn to go home my execution was late. That caused me to practice even more when I should start preparing for the manoeuvre and how to execute it. I also practiced reverse parking and parallel parking.

There are so many things we need to learn as we navigate the pearl motorways. I know I am constantly learning something new every time I sit in my car and drive somewhere. It’s a whole new world out there and I am thankful I managed to achieve my long time goal.