{Fashion Monday} British Summer Capsule 

British Summer Capsule, all the essential items you will need alongside an umbrella to stay fashionable. I am sure my fellow Brits do not need reminding of our current state of affairs weather wise {even politically}. It seems somehow that we always seem to forget to pay our summer subscription. We are used to rarely having any sort of summer and often opt to explore afield. British summer can be everything or nothing, four seasons in one day is common occurrence. This is why it’s important to ensure you have the fashion essentials  for every eventuality.

British Summer Capsule

British Summer Capsule: Fashion Essentials

What I love about our British Summers is that I don’t often have to have a new wardrobe, I just re-purpose clothes. I try to buy clothes that I can wear in practically all seasons, it’s not always easy but it’s possible. Certain items like a Mac I can wear during summer as it’s never too warm. I can also wear it during Spring maybe with a cardigan underneath for extra warmth.

The following items are what I feel everyone should have in their wardrobes to survive the British Summer. It has all the items you need to stay fashionable and still manage the weather too. Whilst this is not a conclusive list, it contains all items I feel are definitely essential.

Shoes: Ankle boots| Sandals| Wedges 

When it comes to summer shoes, many think it should be flip-flops all day and everyday. I want to add to that list to include the aforementioned types of shoes. If you want to dress up without much effort sandals and wedges give you that choice. Ankle boots offers protection from the ever so unpredictable yet predictable British Summer weather.

Outerwear: Rain coat| Mac coat| Cardigan

The last thing you want during summer is to have to wear a cardigan or a rain coat but our weather demands it. You want to stay stylish whilst the weather is being cold and miserable, then try a Mac coat. There many different options out there, from mid length to full length with different coverage. I am never far from my cardigan and always ensure I have one in the car too.

Summer Signal: Shorts

One could argue that bikinis and swimwear signify summer is starting or in full swing but for British weather; NOPE. For us when you’re able to skim into your favourite shorts be denim or otherwise then summer is here. We don’t often show our legs so shorts give us that opportunity and we feel it’s definitely summer.

Current Fashion: Off-shoulder tops

Recently I had shared tips on Off-shoulder styling, I must confess I don’t normally follow current trends. Often I go off the norm and do my own thing but off-shoulder clothing has really taken me in. I love how easy it is to style them, elegance is not too far off with most pieces. This summer practically every fashion store has something off-shoulder and big sleeves.

Essential Classic: Leather jacket| Skinny jeans 

Leather jackets and skinny jeans are forever classics in my book and should be in your wardrobe too. I feel leather jackets add elegance to an outfit without trying much and skinny jeans are everything. I love skinny jeans because I can wear them all year round and are so easy to style.

And there you have it, essential pieces that you should have in your British Summer Capsule. I am hoping the weather will improve and we can start to enjoy the summer that we have left for 2017.