Broadband and Me ~ Stay Connected

As a regular traveler and blogger, one of the most important things I do is to ensure I stay connected. Being a traveler it’s important for my family and friends to know where I am and that I arrived safely. As a blogger, its paramount I have good internet connection so I can still work and publish content. Nothing worse than having tight deadlines and having no connection to be able to meet those deadlines.

Before I travel one thing I always make sure I look for is if the hotel provides free internet. If they don’t I look to my mobile service provider and see what they offer in terms of roaming charges. At home I have too much choice in terms of which service provider to use. The likes of TalkTalk who provide business fibre broadband with so many packages comes to mind.

Broadband and me


Speaking of broadband, do you remember the old dial-up broadband we used to suffer with? How did we manage to get through a day with dial-up Internet without killing someone? I remember trying to connect the dial-up but it meant I couldn’t receive calls? It was such a nightmare and glad those kinks got worked out before today’s generation. Not sure they would even know what to do with the dial-up to connect to the internet.

The internet has come a long way and we are all thankful it’s faster and easily accessible. Broadband service providers are revolutionizing our reliance and accessibility of fast broadband in our homes. As a blogger I always struggle when I am abroad to work with slow internet connections. It can get a bit tiring and annoying to do research when your internet is the slowest thing ever.

Staying connected!!

At home I am spoilt for choice, waking up the first thing I do is reach for my phone. Yes I do have a routine of things I like doing before 10am but that doesn’t stop me reaching for my phone. I can’t tell you how much time I spending staring at different sized screens. Working a 9-5 corporate gig and running two blogs, both require good working internet connection.

Hate to admit it I am a social media addict who can’t go a day without checking my emails. I often try to have social media free days but 90% of the time I fail at it. Because whilst I can manage half a day, I have a business to run and need reliable internet connection. The internet since it’s inception has revolutionized the way of life as we know it. We love to hate how accessible some things are for young people but still appreciate it for others.